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Clear IAS with BYJU'S Tablet

Are you planning to opt for IAS? Or you want to crack it as well? Here’s a simple, easy, innovative and most time saving way to prepare for one of the most sought examinations in the country which is pursued by thousands of students and professionals every year.

Due to its vast syllabus and diverse test patterns, candidates find it as an impossible nut to crack. But, this is not the reality with BYJU’s tablet! According to IAS/UPSC experts, cracking IAS exam is all about strategic planning, and studying right material at the right time. And if one can implement this concept during the preparatory stages, then a candidate definitely can achieve their targets inadequate time.

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Why BYJU’S Tablet?

Keeping IAS preparations in mind, BYJU’s help candidates to design and implement the strategy to cover the entire syllabus in minimum time, making them competent and confident to clear the UPSC/Civil Services prelims/mains exam. As perfect mentorship plays an important role in strategic planning, our renowned trainers from Delhi and across the country provide best guidance to our IAS aspirants.

With their experience and immense knowledge on UPSC/Civil Service exam and its syllabus, they effectively provide subject wise explanations and cover all important topics. The methodically planned study materials along with subject wise notes drafted by our experts, is one of the key advantage which our students can avail. It makes easy for the aspirants to retain the lessons taught to them.

BYJU’S also evaluate constantly the IAS aspirants through mock and preparatory tests conducted throughout the year, assuring the continuous learning and progress of students. Along with the traditional classroom sessions and learning tricks & techniques provided by our experts, BYJU’s UPSC/IAS preparation program is supplemented with Tablet which gives one the flexibility and convenience to learn anywhere and anytime.

The complete IAS syllabus is covered in 500+ hours of video lectures delivered by India’s Best IAS/UPSC faculty. Why choose tablet learning:

  • Freedom to prepare anytime, anywhere at your convenience.
  • Complete IAS syllabus coverage with 500+ hours of video lectures by India’s best IAS experts.
  • Get personalized guidance at every step of your preparation in just one click.

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