What is Cocacolonization?

Cocacolonization is a portmanteau of US based multinational soft drink maker Coca Cola and colonization. It refers to the globalization of American culture. The American culture is pushed into the countries through Coca Cola. As Coca Cola captures the minds and markets of a nation, American culture also makes an entry and captures the cultural space of that respective country.

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When did Cocacolonization Begin?

Cocacolonization began during World War 2. The term was documented in France in the year 1949. There was strong resistance against Coca Cola in France by the French Communist Party on the concerns that Coke Distribution network could be used for espionage activities. Over the years few countries resisted the brand and the company but the majority of the nations welcomed them.

How Does Coca Cola represent American Culture?

  1. It represents the ideal way of American culture and lifestyle.
  2. The symbolism created by the advertisement of Coca Cola.
  3. Establishing pride behind the American way of life.
  4. The association of Coca Cola with sports, pop culture of America, celebrities and other brands of America.

Where is Coca Cola Manufactured in the USA?

Coca Cola was originally manufactured in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. Although Coke has spread across the globe, the Head Quarters is located in Atlanta. Since they are widespread their bottling plants are located across the globe. It works on the franchise model.


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