Difference Between Montessori and Traditional Schools

In the realm of education, there are two school models for parents to choose from: Traditional and Montessori

Both school models are beneficial for their wards but they have certain differences between them. For starters, Montessori Schools are more pupil-oriented while Traditional Schools are teacher-centred.

Difference Between Montessori and Traditional Schools - UPSC 2020

More differences between Montessori and Traditional Schools will be highlighted in this article within the context of the IAS Exam                                                                                                                                                           

Differences between the Montessori and Traditional Schools

Montessori School

Traditional School

Montessori educations focus on the overall development of the pupil Traditional schools only focus on the curriculum at hand
The pupils learn on their own in a Montessori school and follow personal interests The pupils in a traditional school focus on the subjects that are the same for everyone and the knowledge about them is imparted by the teacher.
The pupils are active participants in learning and acquiring knowledge The students are passive learners and rely on the knowledge imparted by the teacher.
Collaboration is encouraged among children and the teacher where motivation is brought about through self-development. The teacher is in charge of all the learning process and motivation is gained through reward and punishment
The pupils in a Montessori school are of mixed age-groups The pupils in a Traditional school are of the same age groups
The emphasis in Montessori learning is on social, intellectual, emotional as well as acquiring professional and academic skills  Traditional schools focus on intellectual as well as academic development
Montessori education cultivates individual pace of learning where pupils are encouraged to learn at their own pace. In traditional schools, all students are expected to adhere to the same pace of learning
Discipline is encouraged to be self-developed in the Montessori model of education In the traditional model of education. Discipline is enforced by the teacher.
A sense of pride and self-esteem is what encourages pupils to love education. In traditional modes of learning, motivation is believed to come from external sources and the pupils are expected to learn because it is a part of their curriculum

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Frequently Asked Questions on Difference Between Montessori and Traditional Schools

Q 1. How are Montessori schools different from Traditional schools?

Ans. The main focus in traditional schools is the basic curriculum wherein, students learn only learn and rely on the knowledge imparted by the teacher. On the other hand, in Montessori schools, the overall development of the student is the key focus. Students are encouraged to engage in extra-curriculum activities and not just restricted to books.

Q 2. What is the advantage and disadvantage of studying in a traditional school?

Ans. Traditional schools focus on intellectual as well as academic development which is of utmost importance in terms of education. One disadvantage of traditional schools is that interaction is minimal.

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