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As of April 2020, 4255 confirmed exoplanets have been discovered. These exoplanets were discovered in 3,146 systems. Out of these systems that were discovered, 695 systems have more than one planet. Some of the most notable discoveries are mentioned below.

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  1. Ph2 b – It was discovered in January 2013. It is the size of Jupiter. It was discovered by amateur astronomers of Planet Hunt Project using data from Kepler Space Mission Observatory.
  2. Kepler-69 c – It is a planet that is 1.54 times the size of the earth.
  3. Kepler-62e, Kepler-63f – Earth like planets discovered by NASA.


  1. In Feb NASA announced the discovery of 715 newly verified exoplanets.
  2. Kepler-421b – It is known to have the longest year, i.e. 704 days.


  1. NASA – On 6th Jan 2015, NASA announced the discovery of the 1000th confirmed planet by Kepler Space Telescope.
  2. HD 219134 – Its discovery was confirmed by NASA in July 2015, it is the nearest Rocky Planet outside the Solar System.


  1. Proxima b – It was found orbiting the star Proxima Centauri, closest star to the Solar System.


  1. Discovered 7 potentially habitable planets orbiting TRAPPIST-1. These were discovered by the scientists working at California Institute of Technology using the Spitzer Space Telescope.


  1. WASP -104b – It is a Hot Jupiter Exoplanet. It is considered to be one of the darkest exoplanets ever discovered.


  1. GJ 357 d – This planet is considered to be a super earth.


  1. Kepler – 1649c – Habitable exoplanet with a size equivalent to that of the earth.
  2. TOI – 700 d – This earth sized planet was discovered by the scientists in January 2020.


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