Defence Technology and Trade Initiative (DTTI) -U.S.-India Defense Technology and Trade Initiative [UPSC GS-II]

The Defence Technology and Trade Initiative (DTTI) is a major strategy to facilitate the development of defence technology by reducing bureaucratic processes and legal requirements in all possible ways. The prospect and value placed in the DTTI are shown in the seniority of its leadership. The DTTI between USA and India was launched in 2012. Ever since then, 9 group meetings have occurred between the two parties.

The concept, ‘Defence Technology and Trade Initiative’ is important for IAS Exam from the perspective of current affairs, events of national and international importance and international affairs [UPSC GS-II].

This article will brief the aspirants about DTTI and the relevance of it.

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What is the objective of DTTI?

Establishment of sustained leadership is one of the major objectives of Defence Technology & Trade Initiative (DTII). Through this initiative, focus on the bilateral defence trade relationship and generation og opportunities for co-production and co-development of necessary defence equipment will be brought to the front by both USA and India.

Is DTTI a Treaty or Law?

We cannot call Defence Technology and Trade Initiative (DTTI) as a law or a treaty. Instead, it has been given a name of a flexible machinery which will help senior leaders from USA and India to ensure a determined and focused approach on channelizing opportunities and challenges related with growing the mutual defence partnership.

U.S.-India Defense Technology and Trade Initiative (DTII) for UPSC

The 2019 U.S.-India 2+2 Ministerial Dialogue resulted in several significant achievements related to the U.S.-India Defense Technology and Trade Initiative.

US and India are participating in DTTI as it has reasons to undertake this for:

  1. DTII will help US and India transform the bilateral defence relationship into one. It will help them to take independent strategic decisions and will eliminate chances of bureaucratic obstacles or inefficient procedures
  2.  With the help of DTII, India can strengthen its defense industrial base. It is expected to move away from the  traditional “buyer-seller” dynamic toward a more collaborative approach
  3.  New areas of technological collaboration will be explored. Science and Technology will be cooperated through co-development and co-production
  4. This Defence Technology & Trade Initiative will help both USA and India expand their business ties together.

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Defence Technology & Trade Initiative (DTTI) – UPSC Notes:-Download PDF Here

Frequently Asked Questions on Defence Technology and Trade Initiative (DTII)


Q 1. When was the DTII between India and the US was launched?

Ans. The Defence Technology and Trade Initiative between India and the US was signed in the year 2012.

Q 2. What was the need for DTII between India and the US?

Ans. The biggest advantage of a DTII between India and the US is to transform the bilateral defence relationship. It will also strengthen India’s defence base.
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