Where is Kathakali Dance From?

Kathakali is the most popular dance form of Kerala. The word translates as Story-Play. It is popular for its make-up and costumes. They usually depict the ancient stories of Mahabharat, Ramayana and other Puranas. This article throws light on 5 major roles or Veshams of Kathakali.

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Who is Famous for Kathakali?

One of the most famous Kathakali dancers is Kalamandalam Gopi. He has a career spanning across 3 decades. He was awarded the prestigious Sangeet Natak Academy Award.

Why Kathakali Dance is World-Famous?

Kathakali originated in Kerala over 300 years ago. It is world-famous because it is a combination of many things, like resplendent costume, devotion, drama, dance, music.

What are the 5 Main Roles in Kathakali?

The 5 major roles or veshams are given below.

  1. Pacha (Green) – To portray noble characters like kings and divine beings
  2. Kathi (Knife) – To portray arrogant and evil characters.
  3. Kari (Black) – Used to portray evil characters.
  4. Thaadi (Beard) – There are 3 different types in this category.
  5. Minukku (Radiant) – To portray spiritual characters like sages.

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