Motivation- The Key to succeed in UPSC Civil Services Examination


Persistent and constant quest towards UPSC IAS Exam preparations barely guarantees success. At times even the bright of UPSC aspirants fail to clear even UPSC IAS Preliminary exam also. The key to succeed in the UPSC IAS Prelims Exam requires you to keep yourself inspired enough at all times during the preparatory phase and exams.

Sometimes serious attempts are not welcomed by success, aspirants incline to lose all confidence and come to the verge of giving up. Most UPSC IAS aspirants find it hard to stick to their aims as the route to their goal is dreary and time-consuming. There are certain chief lessons which an aspirant absorbs during UPSC Exam preparation which in turn mould them into a sensible human being and efficient officer. So, it is essential for a UPSC aspirant to take great steps and retain the fire inside their hearts.

  1. Dream high

To achieve a big dream like cracking UPSC IAS Exam and to become an efficient IAS officer one has to keep them motivated. Aspirants can paste their aim/goals on their study desk or on the wall. In this manner, the aspirant will be able to focus on their obligation and it will propel them up with enthusiasm.

  1. Service to the Country

Civil services are a vital part of the smooth functioning of the nation. Civil servants are posted to all parts of the nation and they are allocated for various administrative and law and order work. It is considered as a sincere citizen by utilizing the skill set. So, the adoration for your motherland can help aspirants be inspired at all times to crack UPSC IAS Exams. 

  1. Build from Success Stories


Every year candidates come from diverse economic, social, academic backgrounds has written the success stories in this examination. Every aspirant must take motivation from all the successful candidates who made it to their goals even in the face of hardships.

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  1. Setting realistic goals

Aspirants should set realistic goals for while preparing for UPSC IAS exam. Depression buds from unrealistic goals. It will be a clever to break whole UPSC syllabus into small segments. This will help the aspirants to complete the entire syllabus for UPSC IAS Exam. Achieving these small goals will keep aspirants encouraged and will decrease their burden.

  1. Failures- Stepping stones to success

UPSC IAS exam has three stages- Prelims, Mains, and interview. Aspirants may fail in this journey at any stage. Few of them will get up, other may not. It is essential to get up from the failure and start working. Thinking about past failure does not bring you anything. It will make you more mentally unfit. This may bring about incredible dejection, substandard complex, and your movement level. So aspirants need to acknowledge the disappointment and proceed onward to crack the Civil Services examination.

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