UPSC IAS Prelims Exam: 7 Strategies to become an IAS Officer

Civil services IAS Exam is known for its difficult as well as the prestige that comes with it upon passing it. The IAS exam is conducted under the auspices of the Union Public Service Commission. It takes place in three stages annually.

This article will elaborate upon the seven strategies through which one can crack the IAS Exam. Accomplishing your aim of becoming an IAS officer shouldn’t be a rigorous experience. Indeed, it can be fun and joy, if you are going in the right direction. Moreover, the hard work, mental strength and perseverance is the key to success.

Without further ado, let’s have a look at some of these strategies

1. Know why you want to become an IAS officer

Before starting the UPSC preparation, aspirants must be absolutely clear about their end goals. Be sure about the reasons why you want to become an IAS officer. You should have a holistic answer to this. Working on this reason and adopt strategies accordingly. In addition, it will also help when you sit for you IAS interview as the panellists will be looking for certain qualities in a candidate, chief among them – clarity of goals. To know what other qualities are required, refer to our IAS Interview article.

2. Visualize your goals

Becoming an IAS officer is not an easy task. The UPSC aspirants have to tears and sweat to achieve their goals. Write your goals down, the reasons behind it and paste in on your wall. Read the same several times before falling asleep at night, and upon waking up in the morning. When you feel drowsy and mind deviate from your goals, try to visualize your goal for some minutes. Doing this will ensure that you will always remain steadfast in your endeavours.

3. Hard work and steady focus.

The prestigious post of IAS can be achieved only through continuous hard work and steady focus. Without either of these two qualities, one cannot accomplish anything. The IAS exam syllabus is vast and wide with diverse components. One should adopt a proper strategy and work hard towards their goal and also work towards implementing those strategies in order to crack the exam.

4. Positive mindset

If you take a list of efficient IAS officers in India, all have some or other officer-like-quality. It varies from one person to another. One of the important officer-like-quality is a positive mindset. It is essential to carry a positive mindset during UPSC preparation. Aspirants should possess a positive attitude and with a tendency to stay calm under pressure or during unpredictable circumstances.  This will help each and every aspirant to turn out to be more attentive and aware of opportunities that will come to your direction, and which will help you accomplish your aim.

5. Willpower and discipline

Willpower implies, an enthusiastic assurance to accomplish something that is accounted for troublesome.  It is an important factor for achieving the dream of becoming an IAS officer. The aspirant must exercise your willpower and self-discipline to stay focused on the goal.  UPSC aspirants should try not to give anything a chance to divert you or make you go avert from your aim.

6. Perseverance

The aspirant should move forward without hesitation. The way towards cracking the IAS Exam is filled with obstacles. You must overcome them despite the snags in your journey or you will see no improvement. The individuals who drive forward with perseverance succeeds.

7. Silence

Silence is a type of meditation where you concentrate your mind and soul toward a goal. The aspirant should avoid the loose talk. By avoiding loose talk they can save much energy and time. Aspirants should focus on doing, not on talking. An excess of conversing with others about your longings and aims disseminate your internal forces. Figure out how to think and channel your energy toward accomplishing your objective.

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