UPSC Interview Transcript By Abhinav Dudi Board Rajni Razdan

Interview Board: Rajni Razdan
Name: Abhinav Dudi
Interview Date/Year: 27th March 2012


RR: Name, Roll no., Date of Birth
RR: Name some of the vegetable that grows below the soil
RR: Name some of the herbs that are grown in kitchen garden?
RR: Name some of the commodities transported by railways
RR: What is Repo rate and reverse repo rate
RR: What is inflation, deflation and stagflation
RR: Do you think India is going through Stagflation
M1: What is Jodhpur famous for?
M1: What is the name of the Palace in Jodhpur?
M1: Does the royal family still live there?
M1: Why it is called Chittar palace?
M1: Have you seen the fort in Jodhpur?
M1: Why there are canons on the Fort?
M1: Why IAS?
M1: There is so much pressure on the cities and so much pollution. How do you this problem should be addressed?
M2: Why do you want to become a babu after doing Aerospace Engineering? M2: You do blogging. Hmm… what do u blog about?
M2: What is the name of your blog?
M2: Who reads your blog? Do they comment?
M2: Do you use twitter. What is the no. of characters allowed in that?
M2: What are your service preferences? Why not IFS?
M3: FDI in retail. Your views on that
M4: Why IAS after IIT?
M4: Why did you work for IT Company after passing out from IIT?
M4: Were you after money? The kind of salary you were drawing you won’t be able to draw in civil services, still you want to join? Are you after Power and Prestige?
M4: What is your ambition in life?
M4: There are lots of pulls and pressures in this job. Will you be able to face them?
M4: Your hobby is reading. What do you generally read?
M4: What is the latest book you have read?
M4: Do you agree with the author on that (the book was The Age of Kali by William Dalrymple)

Key Points:

  • It lasted for around 30 minutes
  • Rajni Razdan mam left her seat for 2 minutes to do some work while one of the member was asking Q
  • She was asking these Kitchen Garden Questions from everyone in our interview group
  • I don’t know why the third member only asked 1 question
  • It was very cordial except the last member kept harping on the point that IAS is a very tough job and there are various kinds of challenges and asked me at least 3-4 times and if I would be able to stand all that pressure.

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