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The UPSC Mains 2021 is expected to kickstart from 7th January 2022 onwards. This stage of the Civil Services Examination has 9 papers in total, out of which Paper B is the compulsory English Language Paper. Paper I to VII are counted for merit ranking, whereas Paper A which is compulsory Indian Language and Paper B (English Language) is qualifying in nature and are not counted for the merit ranking. 

Paper B – Compulsory English Language Paper was conducted on 15th January 2022 (Afternoon session – 2 to 5 PM). 

Compulsory English Paper UPSC Mains 2021:- Download PDF Here

Download UPSC Mains 2021 Indian Languages Paper from the linked article. 

UPSC 2021 Mains English Language Paper

The papers on the English Language will be of Matriculation or equivalent standard and will be of qualifying nature only. The marks obtained in these papers will not be counted for ranking. The total marks of the English Language paper is 300 marks and the time allotted for this paper is 3 hours. 

The candidates can refer to some of the useful links to prepare for the English Language paper given below:

The aim of the paper is to test the candidates’ ability to read and understand serious discursive prose and to express ideas clearly and correctly, in the English Language concerned. The answers for this paper have to be written in English only. 

The candidates can download other Mains question papers from the links provided below:

The pattern of questions asked in the Compulsory English Language Paper would be broad, as follows:

  1. Comprehension of given passages.
  2. Precis Writing.
  3. Usage and Vocabulary.
  4. Short Essays

The candidates can check other Question papers of UPSC Mains 2021 from the linked article. 

UPSC Mains 2021 – English Language Question Paper

Q 1. Write an essay in about 600 words on any one of the following topics: (100 marks)

(a) Social Media: A Challenge to Social Harmony

(b) The Role of NGOs in Social Change

(c) Education as a Means to Serve Humanity

(d) The Crying Need for Embracing Minimalism

Q 2. Reading Comprehension – Aspirants can check the reading comprehension in the PDF given above. The questions based on the same are as follows: (15×5=75 marks)

(a) According to the passage what are the factors responsible for the evolution of life on earth?

(b) What does the author mean by environmental breakdown? What are its impacts?

(c) What suggestions does the author offer to balance environment, development and inequality in consumption?

(d) How is life on earth being affected by climate change as per the passage?

(e) How is environmental breakdown related to probable food storage?

Q 3. Precis writing (paragraph in the PDF given above)

Q 4. (a) Rewrite the following sentences after making necessary corrections. Do not make unnecessary changes in the original sentence: (1×10 = 10 marks)

(i) My sister prefers dogs than cats.

(ii) I don’t approve to your smoking in public.

(iii) One of my student has got the prestigious Commonwealth Scholarship this year.

(iv) The fresher the fruit, the best it tastes.

(v) He questioned my motif behind meeting the director.

(vi) The director went and bidded goodbye to the composer.

(vii) His acceptance of your fancy story indicates his credible nature.

(viii) Are you invited for the office party?

(ix) When I will reach home, I will let you know the details of the event.

(x) The University comprises of several Departments.

Q 4 (b) Supply the missing words: (1×5 = 5)

(i) The homestay provides its guests _____ all the facilities.

(ii) At last, I got rid _____ my old scooter.

(iii) All my expenses were paid _____ by the office.

(iv) A waiter is a person who waits ______ customers at a restaurant.

(v) The company entered ______ an agreement with the supplier.

Q 4. (c) Use the correct forms of the verbs given in brackets: (1×5 = 5)

(i) My goodness, someone _____ away my phone and left his in its place by mistake. (Take)

(ii) If you _____ in time, I’ll leave without you. (Reach)

(iii) I _____ the rules of grammar these days. (Learn)

(iv) I used to have a pair of binoculars, but I ______ it yesterday because I needed money. (Pawn)

(v) The decision _____ before I joined the meeting. (Make)

Q 4. (d) Write the antonyms of the following: (1×5 = 5 marks)

(i) Guilty

(ii) Impoverish

(iii) Approve

(iv) Eligible

(v) Scarce

Q 5. (a) Rewrite the following sentences as directed without changing the meaning: (1×10 = 10 marks)

(i) Has anyone ever hypnotized you? (Change into passive voice)

(ii) The judge said to the witness, “Were you present at the scene of crime?” (Change into indirect speech)

(iii) He does not love his daughter. He does not love his wife either. (Join the sentences into one by using ‘neither-nor’)

(iv) Much though I wanted, I could not reach her. (Rewrite the sentence using ‘however’)

(v) As soon as the concert ended, it began to rain. (Replace ‘as soon as’ with ‘hardly’, making other suitable changes)

(vi) As the bus to the airport was late, we could not catch the plane. (Begin the sentence with – ‘Had the bus ……. not’)

(vii) He was so nervous that he could not perform well in the interview. (Use ‘too-to’ combination)

(viii) I have never kept a pet as I don’t enjoy the company. (Rewrite the sentence beginning with ‘since’)

(ix) They will enjoy the programme, ______? (Add a question tag)

(x) If you are going out to take an umbrella as it is cloudy today. (Rewrite the sentence beginning with ‘It being-‘)

Q 5 (b) Use the following words to make sentences that bring out their meaning clearly. Do not change the form of the words. ( No marks will be given for vague and ambiguous sentences): ( 1×5 = 5 marks)

(i) Philanthropist

(ii) Temperamental

(iii) Sarcastically

(iv) Devise

(v) Preclude

Q 5 (c) Choose the appropriate word to fill in the blanks: (1×5 =  5marks)

(i) The man had a guilty ____, so he turned himself in. (conscience/conscious)

(ii) I used my ____ to help my neighbour. (discretion/ discrimination)

(iii) The train has been ____ for an hour. (stationary/stationery)

(iv) A _____ of shoppers crowded the market after the lockdown was lifted. (hoard/horde)

(v) My experiences in the alien place were _____ due to the issues of food and language. (climatic/climactic)

Q 5 (d) Use the following idioms/ phrases in sentences of your own to bring out their meaning clearly:

(i) Lenght and breadth

(ii) Rank and file

(iii) A thorn in the flesh

(iv) Move heaven and earth

(v) Step into someone’s shoes

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