1. Review Planning & Monitoring (RPM) meeting held with States and State Power Utilities
2. Village Engineers programme to be rolled out in Gujarat soon
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1. Review Planning & Monitoring (RPM) meeting held with States and State Power Utilities

Syllabus: GS 3, Infrastructure: Energy.

Prelims: Bharat eSmart Mobile Application (BeSMA). 

Context: The Review Planning & Monitoring (RPM) meeting with States and State Power Utilities took place at New Delhi.


  • Following  issues with underpinnings of Sectoral viability and Sustainability (as discussed by Prime Minister on Ujjwal Bharat Ujjwal Bhavishya celebrations) were brought to fore:
    • Liquidation of electricity and subsidy dues of various government departments.
    • Prepaid Smart meters usage in Government offices.
    • Energy and subsidy accounting and timely and advance payments thereof.
    • Speedy fixation of regular and true-up tariffs.
    • Finalization of Utility accounts. 
    • Progress related to Feeder & DT metering. 
    • Growth on Revamped Distribution Sector Scheme (RDSS).
    • Success achieved by Electricity (Late Payment Surcharge and Related Matters) Rules, 2022.
  • New launches in the meeting:
    • Bharat eSmart Mobile Application (BeSMA)
      • It is a free-to-use Mobile app for prepaid smart meters.
      • It will provide information regarding usage and balance electricity remaining, both in Units and Monetary terms.
      • The mobile app is based on strong security measures and is appropriately equipped to ensure data protection.
    • First Consumer Service Rating of DISCOMs
      • The report highlights the status of consumer services across various DISCOMs.
      • Key parameters to assess consumer services are- metering, reliability, connection services, billing, collection services, fault rectification and grievance redressal. 
      • The ratings are on a seven-point scale. 
      • The aim is to enable sharing of best practices of top performing DISCOMs and help other DISCOMs in identifying critical areas for improving performance.
    • Tenth Integrated Rating of Power Distribution Utilities
      • The exercise has been carried out every year since 2012. 
      • Aim is to evaluate performance of utilities on parameters like financial sustainability, performance excellence etc. 
      • Recent updates in evaluation method:
        • Higher emphasis is given to financial performance.
        • Operational efficiencies and external ecosystem of DISCOMs will also be assessed from now. 
        • Dynamic ratings will be followed based on triggers having impact on DISCOM financials. 
        • Inclusion of Private DISCOMs and State Power Departments for comprehensive sectoral coverage.

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2. Village Engineers programme to be rolled out in Gujarat soon

Syllabus: GS 2 – Polity and Governance; Government policies and interventions for development in various sectors.

Prelims: Village Engineers Program.

Mains: Village Engineers Program for welfare of village and tribal youth. 

Context: Minister of State for Skill Development and Entrepreneurship (MSDE) held a meeting for rolling out the Village Engineers Program in Gujarat.


  • The programme was first launched from Madhya Pradesh.
  • The aim is to ensure inclusive development for all communities.
  • It trains the tribal youth by providing them a basket of skills and confers recognition in the form of certification.
  • Ensuring targeted skilling opportunities for the tribal youth in their local areas can reduce the pull for migration.
  • This will result in the participation of local residents in the economic activities of their region.
  • The close collaboration of the central and state government is needed to efficiently implement the programme.
  • The programme is in line with the vision of Self-Reliance or AtmaNirbharta.

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