12 Aug 2022: PIB Summary for UPSC


1. World Elephant Day
2. Nano Urea
3. World Sanskrit Day
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1. World Elephant Day

Syllabus: GS-03, Conservation

Prelims: World Elephant Day, Elephant reserves in India

Mains: Elephant Conservation in India


World Elephant Day is observed annually on 12 August.

About World Elephant Day:

  • The day has been observed every year since 2012 to spread awareness of the significance of elephants and their conservation.
  • It was started by a Thailand-based organization, Elephant Reintroduction Foundation in collaboration with Canadian filmmaker Patricia Sims.
  • The day aims at urging people and organizations to work to stop the illegal poaching and trade of elephant ivory and other wildlife products, protect wild elephant habitats, and provide sanctuaries and alternative habitats for domestic elephants to live freely.

Know more about the Asian Elephant in the linked article.

2. Nano Urea

Syllabus: GS-03, Agriculture

Prelims: Nano Urea

Mains: Factors Influencing Cropping Pattern


Union Chemicals & Fertilizers Minister reviewed the progress of Nano Urea (liquid) production and sales for the FY 2022-23.

What is Nano Urea?

  • Nano Urea is an innovative nano fertilizer developed indigenously. 
  • Nano Urea is produced by an energy-efficient environment-friendly production process with less carbon footprints. 
  • Its application to crops as foliar fertilization enhances crop productivity to the tune of 8% with commensurate benefits in terms of better soil, air and water, and farmers’ profitability. 
  • Scaling up of production and sales as well as application of Nano Urea will also lead to a reduction in greenhouse Gas (GHGs) emissions over a period of time.

Read more on nano urea in the linked article.

3. World Sanskrit Day

Syllabus: GS01-Art and Culture

Prelims: Classical Sanskrit Literature


World Sanskrit Day 2022 was observed on August 12.

World Sanskrit Day:

  • It is an annual observance aimed at the revival and maintenance of the ancient Sanskrit language.
  • It is celebrated on Shraavana Poornima, which is the full moon day of the Shraavana month in the Hindu calendar.
  • The day also coincides with the festival of Raksha Bandhan.
  • The day is celebrated since 1969 when the Union Ministry of Education issued instructions to celebrate Sanskrit Day at the Central and State levels in India.

On World Sanskrit Day, events such as speeches, seminars, verses recitation competitions, etc. are conducted all over the country.

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