World Sanskrit Day

One of the oldest languages, Sanskrit, developed from Proto-Indo-European dialects, was used to write Vedas and Hindu religious texts. Being the oldest language, Sanskrit holds a significant value in India’s history.

World Sanskrit Day celebrates the Sanskrit language and helps it get recognition globally.

This day is celebrated every year on Poornima of Shravana month, which also marks the holy festival of Raksha Bandhan.

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Important Points on World Sanskrit Day

  • It is an annual celebration on Poornima day of the Shraavana month as per the Hindu calendar.
  • In 1969, the Government of India decided to celebrate Sanskrit Diwas on Raksha Bandhan Day to enlighten new generations about the ancient Indian language.
  • The celebration honours the birth of the Sanskrit language and encourages people to practice the same.
  • Sanskrit day speaks the importance of learning and knowing this language.
  • In 2020, the Uttarakhand Government developed Sanskrit Grams to encourage the practice of this language.
  • World Sanskrit day was celebrated on 22nd August 2021 to promote the language globally.

Individuals preparing for the UPSC 2022 should know the said language and its usage. They can check news portals and reports to confirm when is World Sanskrit Day celebrated.

Some Facts About Sanskrit

  • Sanskrit is the oldest language in the world, used to write Vedas, Upanishads and ancient documents.  
  • Individuals should know that many languages spoken worldwide originated from Sanskrit scripts. It was ideally a pan-Indian language in the Vedic period.
  • Various regional scripts like Bengali, Sarada, Gujrati and different southern scripts are in the said language.
  • The computer-friendliness of Sanskrit makes it ideal for everyday use.
  • A village called Mattur located in the Shimoga district of Karnataka has preserved the language.
  • In 1786, English Philologist William Jones suggested that languages Latin and Greek are related to this language.
  • Panini, Kalidas, Patanjali, Ved Vyas, Adi Shankaracharya, and Kalidas are prominent personalities who wrote classics in Sanskrit language.

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Latest News on World Sanskrit Day

  • On 22nd August 2021, PM Narendra Modi took to Twitter to celebrate World Sanskrit Day.
  • Jammu and Kashmir Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha laid the foundation stone for the new building of Chudamani Sanskrit Sansthan on 20th August as a part of World Sanskrit Day.
  • Sanskrit University and Rajasthan Sanskrit Academy jointly organised a week-long celebration to commemorate the Sanskrit language. Various Sanskrit critics, poets, scholars and senior offices of the State Government took part in this celebration.

Hopefully, this article on World Sanskrit Day will help students prepare for competitive exams. They can always check educational portals and news reports to find updates on World Sanskrit Day 2022.

Frequently Asked Questions

Did the Indian Embassy conduct any programme on World Sanskrit Day 2021?

Yes, the Indian Embassy, in partnership with Nepal Sanskrit University, organised an international seminar on Sanskrit: Source of Eastern Culture on World Sanskrit Day 2021.

Who started World Sanskrit Day?

In 1969, the Ministry of Education of India issued an instruction to celebrate World Sanskrit Day.

What was the theme of World Sanskrit Day in 2020?

World Sanskrit Day commemorated the ancient Indian language and helped in its revival in 2020.

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