28 July 2021: PIB Summary & Analysis


1. Secured Logistics Document Exchange
2. Raja Mircha Chilli
3. Rafale Fighter Jet
4. International Financial Services Centres Authority (Capital Market Intermediaries) 
Regulations, 2021
5. Cycles4change Challenge
6. Project BOLD
7. Juvenile Justice (Care and Protection of Children) Amendment Bill, 2021

1. Secured Logistics Document Exchange


Secured Logistics Document Exchange (SLDE) launched along with a Calculator for Green House Gas Emissions.

What’s in the News?

  • The government launched a secured logistics document exchange platform for digital exchange of logistics-related papers and a calculator for greenhouse gas emissions for choosing the sustainable and right mode of transport for freight movements.
  • The SLDE platform is a solution to replace the present manual process of generation, exchange and compliance of logistics documents with a digitised, secure and seamless document exchange system.


  • The digital initiative is expected to improve logistics efficiency, reduce logistics cost and promote multi-modality and sustainability in a big way.
  • It will enable generation, storage and interchange of logistics-related documents digitally using Aadhaar and blockchain-based security protocols for data security and authentication.
  • It will also provide a complete audit trail of document transfer, faster execution of transaction, lower cost of shipping and overall carbon footprint, easy verification of authenticity of documents, and lowered risk of fraud.

Calculator for GHG Emissions:

  • The calculator is an efficient and user-friendly tool which provides for calculating and comparing GHG emissions across different modes.
  • It allows for commodity-wise comparison of GHG emissions and total cost of transportation, including their environmental cost, between movement by road and rail.

2. Raja Mircha Chilli


King Chilli ‘Raja Mircha’ from Nagaland exported to London for the first time.

Raja Mircha Chilli:

  • Nagaland King Chilli or Raja Mircha belongs to genus Capsicum of family Solanaceae.
  • Naga king chilli has been considered as the world’s hottest chilli and is constantly on the top five in the list of the world’s hottest chilies based on the Scoville Heat Units (SHUs).
  • The chilli from Nagaland is also referred to as Bhoot Jolokia and Ghost Pepper.
  • It got GI certification in 2008.

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3. Rafale Fighter Jet


The Indian Air Force formally inducted Rafale aircraft into No. 101 Squadron at Air Force Station Hasimara in Eastern Air Command (EAC).

Know more about the Rafale Fighter Jet in the linked article.

4. International Financial Services Centres Authority (Capital Market Intermediaries) Regulations, 2021


  • International Financial Services Centres Authority (IFSCA) has been established as a unified regulator to develop and regulate financial products, financial services and financial institutions in the International Financial Services Centres (IFSCs) in India.

Read more on the International Financial Services Centres Authority in the linked article.

What’s in the news?

  • IFSCA proposes to enact a regulatory framework for the intermediaries in the capital markets operating in IFSC, focusing on ease of doing business and consistent with the fundamental principles laid down by the International Organization of Securities Commissions.
  • The proposed IFSCA (Capital Market Intermediaries) Regulations, 2021 (Intermediaries Regulations) inter alia provide for regulatory requirements in respect of registration, obligations and responsibilities, inspection and enforcement of various types of capital market intermediaries such as broker dealers, clearing members, depository participants, investment bankers, portfolio managers, investment advisers, custodians, credit rating agencies, debenture trustees and account aggregators.
  • The proposed regulations also envisage registered capital market intermediaries to undertake cross-border business in capital markets in India and foreign jurisdictions, subject to certain conditions such as ring fencing of operations, appropriate risk management and internal controls, maintenance of records, etc.

5. Cycles4change Challenge


The Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs announced the India Cycles4change stage 1 list of awardees.


  • The government has awarded 11 cities with the prestigious title of being India’s Top 11 Cycling Pioneers.
  • The award marks the start of the next stage of the first season of India Cycles4Change Challenge where 107 cities across the country came together to test, learn, and scale up different cycling-friendly initiatives.
  • The 11 selected cities will receive Rs 1 crore each to scale up their cycling initiatives.

Know more about the India Cycles4Change challenge in PIB dated July 10, 2020.

6. Project BOLD


KVIC & BSF Launch Project BOLD in Jaisalmer to Prevent Desertification and Support Rural Economy.

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7. Juvenile Justice (Care and Protection of Children) Amendment Bill, 2021


Parliament Passes Juvenile Justice (Care and Protection of Children) Amendment Bill 2021.


  • The Rajya Sabha has passed the amendment bill. It was earlier passed by the lower house in March 2021.
  • The Bill seeks to amend the Juvenile Justice Act, 2015.

What are the changes to the Act being brought about?

  • The amendments include authorizing District Magistrate including Additional District Magistrate to issue adoption orders under Section 61 of the JJ Act, in order to ensure speedy disposal of cases and enhance accountability.
  • The District Magistrates have been further empowered to ensure its smooth implementation, as well as garner synergized efforts in favour of children in distress conditions.
  • As per the amended provisions of the Act, any Child Care Institution shall be registered after considering the recommendations of the District Magistrate.
    • The DM shall independently evaluate the functioning of District Child Protection Units, Child Welfare Committees, Juvenile Justice Boards, Specialized Juvenile Police Units, Child Care Institutions, etc.
  • The eligibility parameters for appointment of Child Welfare Committee (CWC) members have been redefined. Disqualification criteria for the same have also been introduced.
  • It has been decided that offences where the maximum sentence is more than 7 years imprisonment but no minimum sentence has been prescribed or minimum sentence of less than 7 years is provided, shall be treated as serious offences within this Act.

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July 28th, 2021, PIB:- Download PDF Here

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