What is the URJA app?

URJA (Urban Jyoti Yojana) app was developed to provide necessary information related to Urban Power distribution and to enhance efficient communication of customers with the distribution sector on important parameters which concern the consumers like outage information, timely release of connections, addressing complaints, power reliability, etc.

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What are the accessibility options for the URJA application?

The URJA app can be accessed on the following setups:

  1. Web application
  2. Android
  3. IOS
  4. Windows

What is the Purpose of the URJA App?

The URJA app is made with the purpose of bringing transparency in the Indian power sector through resolving pending complaints, providing information of the average duration of power outage, number of consumers making e-payment and loss o power/theft.

The App has two main dashboards, one for the consumer and another for the DISCOMs; people can file complain about any issue related to electricity board through the app in one tap and gets directly connected to a toll free number to register there complaint, the second dashboard empower DISCOMs to give the data about go live towns, SCADA progress, urban system strengthening, skilling human resources, feeder monitoring and IPDS progress.

What all information can be accessed on the URJA app by consumers?

The information transparency provided by the URJA app consists of the following:

  • Consumer grievances redressal
  • Release of New service connection
  • No. of interruptions and duration of interruptions faced by consumers on an average.
  • No. of Consumers availing services via e-payments.
  • Amount of Energy lost / power theft at places.

What are the levels of information provided in the URJA app?

The App offers 4 levels in each of the Dashboard:

  1. All India
  2. State
  3. Discom
  4. Town

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