Analogy Questions & Answers for Logical Reasoning

Analogy questions are a part of the logical reasoning syllabus for the Government exams conducted in the country. The weightage of such questions is not more than 2-3 marks in the reasoning ability section, but the probability of making errors in such questions is low.

In this article, we bring you the important types of analogy questions along with their answers for candidates to prepare themselves and analyse the concept comprehensively.

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30 Analogy Questions and Answers PDF:-Download PDF Here

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Analogy Questions and Answers

Given below are analogy questions for candidates to prepare themselves for the upcoming competitive exams. These questions are simple and easy to answer and may not even take long enough to crack the pattern. 

Q 1. Which of the given options is correct with respect to the given pair: “Fire: Death”

  1. Hunger: Starvation
  2. Rain: Snow
  3. Fire: Extinguisher
  4. Black: Board
  5. Pen:  Pencil

Q 2. Find the odd one out from the given options.

  1. Kathakali: Kerala
  2. Mohiniyattam: Tamil Nadu
  3. Sattriya: Assam 
  4. Kuchipudi: Andhra Pradesh
  5. Bharatnatyam: Tamil Nadu

Q 3. Out of the given pairs, which of the following is incorrect?

  1. Sardar Patel Stadium: Ahmedabad
  2. Eden Garden: Kolkata
  3. Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium: New Delhi
  4. M. Chinnaswamy Stadium: Chennai
  5. D.Y.Patil Stadium: Mumbai

Q 4. From the set of pairs given below, find the odd one out.

  1. Australia: Kangaroo
  2. Bangladesh: Tiger
  3. Canada: North America Beaver
  4. Finland: Brown Bear
  5. India: Peacock

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Q 5. What will come in place of question marks in the given series?

ABD: FGI : : PQS:?

  1. TUW
  2. UVX
  3. XYZ
  4. TUV
  5. UVW

Q 6. Which of the following analogies does not the pattern as for 9:3?

  1. 16:4
  2. 12:4
  3. 121:11
  4. 144:12
  5. 81:9

Q 7. Which of the given analogies is incorrect?

  1. Algophobia: phobia of pain
  2. Bibliophobia: phobia of books
  3. Chronophobia: fear of time
  4. Hematophobia: fear of water
  5. Pharmacophobia: phobia of medication

Q 8. Of the following numbers, which can be a part of the given set?

Set: (3, 17, 19, 23)

  1. 13
  2. 27
  3. 57
  4. 93
  5. 33

Q 9. Find the missing number in the given analogy.

27: 3:: 64: ____

  1. 6
  2. 4
  3. 7
  4. 3
  5. 5

Q 10. Find the odd one out

  1. AD: EH
  2. BE: FI
  3. CF: GJ
  4. DG: HK
  5. EH: IK

Q 11. Which of the given analogies is correct?

  1. Australia: Vienna
  2. Canada: Ottawa
  3. Chile Bejing
  4. Croatia: Split
  5. Egypt: Giza

Q 12. Given below is an analogy based on coding-decoding. Fill in the blank based on the given coding


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Q 13. What shall come in place of questions mark (?) in the given analogy?

Painter: Painting:: Architect:?

  1. Embroidery
  2. Statue
  3. Building
  4. Sculptor
  5. Stone

Q 14. Find the odd one out in the given options

  1. Doctor: Patients
  2. Shopkeepers: Customers
  3. Teacher: Students
  4. Painter: Paintbrush

Q 15. Based on the given analogy, find the odd one out


  1. 92:460
  2. 15:75
  3. 3:15
  4. 25:100
  5. 32:160

Q 16. Which of the given numbers is a part of the given set?

Set: (13, 39, 65, 117)

  1. 139
  2. 168
  3. 253
  4. 156
  5. 651

Q 17. Based on the given set, which of the following numbers does form a part of the set?

Set: (11, 7, 13, 37, 41)

  1. 113
  2. 109
  3. 87
  4. 89
  5. 127

Q 18. What shall come in place of question mark (?) in the given analogy?



Q 19. Based on the given analogy, find the incorrect one from the given options

BACK: 17

  1. ROAD: 39
  2. OBEY: 47
  3. SAFE: 31
  4. NAME: 33
  5. QUIZ: 73

Q 20. Based on the given analogies, find the odd one out

  1. National Anthem: Jana Gana Mana
  2. National Tree: Indian Neem
  3. National Calendar: Saka Calendar
  4. National Bird: Peacock
  5. National Animal: Royal Bengal Tiger

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Q 21. Find the odd one out

  1. Tehri Dam: Uttarakhand
  2. Hirakud Dam: Orisha
  3. Bhakra Nangal Dam: Haryana
  4. Sardar Sarovar Dam: Gujarat
  5. Mettur Dam: Andhra Pradesh

Q 22. Given below are analogies based on the important days and dates. Analyse the analogies and find the odd one out

  1. Army Day: 15th January
  2. World Cancer Day: 6th February
  3. National Doctor’s Day: 1st July
  4. Worl Environment Day: 5th June
  5. National Science Day: 28th February

Q 23. Given below are the abbreviations of different banking terms. Find the one abbreviation which is correct.

  1. ADB: Agricultural Development Bank
  2. CRR: Cash Ratio Retire
  3. CPI: Consumer Price Indent
  4. NABARD: National Agricultural Bank and Rural Development
  5. EXIM Bank: Export-Import Bank

Q 24. Based on the analogies given below, find the odd one out

  1. Bannerghatta National Park: Karnataka
  2. Bandipur National Park: Madhya Pradesh
  3. Dudhwa National Park: Uttar Pradesh
  4. Gir National Park: Gujarat
  5. Nanda Devi National Park: Uttarakhand

Q 25. Based on the Government Schemes in India, the analogies below have been given. One of the given schemes has been incorrectly matched with its Government Ministry. Find that one out

  1. Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana: Ministry of Health & Family Welfare
  2. Atal Pension Yojana: Ministry of Finance
  3. Pradhan Mantri Fasal Bima Yojana: Ministry of Agriculture
  4. Make in India: Ministry of Commerce and Industry
  5. Namami Gange: Ministry of Water Resources

Q 26. Find the odd one out

  1. Thar Desert: Largest Desert
  2. Kanchenjunga: Highest Mountain Peak
  3. Kunchikal falls: Highest Waterfall in India
  4. Ganga: Longest River in India
  5. Hirakund Dam: Longest Dam in India

Q 27. Based on the given analogy, find which of the given options is incorrect.


  1. BET: 200
  2. NET: 1400
  3. SKY: 5225
  4. FLY: 1800
  5. MET: 1301

Q 28. Find the odd one out:

  1. Kempegowda International Airport: Bengaluru
  2. Sri Guru Ram Dass Jee International Airport: Amritsar
  3. Dabolim Airport: Goa
  4. Rajiv Gandhi International Airport: New Delhi
  5. Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar International Airport: Nagpur

Q 29. Among the given analogies based on Volcanoes across the world, find the odd one out

  1. Mauna Loa: Hawaii
  2. Mount Ararat: Turkey
  3. Mount Sidley: Antarctica
  4. Semeru: Japan
  5. Mount Agung: Bali

Q 30. What shall come in place of the blank in the given analogy?

Engineering: Engineer:: MBBS: _____

  1. Doctor
  2. Lawyer
  3. Teacher
  4. Actor
  5. Dancer

Candidates can get the answers to all the above-given questions in the PDF given below:

30 Analogy Questions and Answers PDF:-Download PDF Here

Based on the questions given above candidates might have analysed that the analogy questions may be based on reasoning concepts, mathematical calculations, and general awareness. So, candidates must have complete knowledge of all the subjects which are a part of the Government exam syllabus.

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