Which is the largest Marine National Park in India?

The Marine National Park in Gulf of Kutch is the largest Marine National Park in India. India’s first Marine Wildlife Sanctuary and first Marine National Park were created here in the Gulf of Kutch in 1980 and 1982, respectively. The sanctuary covers 458 sq km, of which the park covers 163 sq km. It is an archipelago of 42 tropical islands along the northern coast of Jamnagar district and the southern coast of Kutch.

It is rich in flora and fauna with Mangroves, Saag, Sesam, Kheru, Limda, swamp forests, mudflats, various types of sea grasses and sea weeds available. Gangetic Dolphins, Giant Crabs, Ray Fish, rarely found Balooga whales, Giant Leather Back Turtles, Horn Fish, colourful corals and sponges, giant sea anemone, jellyfish, sea horse, octopus, pearl oyster, Portuguese man of war, starfish, dolphin, shark etc. can also be found. 

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