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How to study for NEET at home

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced people to lock themselves up at home for the past few months. Schools and colleges have adapted to this change and are conducting online classes powered by Google meet, Tata edge classes, Zoom, YouTube, etc. Students are now having a lot of free time and it can be utilised efficiently for executing important goals and plans. If you are a serious NEET aspirant, then this blog is for you. Here, we shall discuss how to utilise your quality time effectively and prepare for the exams from home.


  • Avoid all distractions

As much as technology is being adapted and used in the best possible way to communicate and stay connected with each other, it is also causing a major distraction, especially for students like you. If you are spending more than 2-3 hours watching videos on YouTube or scrolling the Instagram feed, then maybe it is time to put your phone down and focus on the important task. NEET is a highly competitive examination and requires you to pay utmost attention towards it’s preparation. Stay away from all gadgets as much as possible and use it in your study breaks. For every 3 or 4 hours of studying, reward yourself by watching your favourite episode on Netflix or a video on YouTube. Do not allow yourself to watch anything if you are not done with your 3-4 hours study. Training your mind in a certain way is the only possible way to avoid distractions.

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Planning is an important part of your exam preparation and you have to prepare a study plan which covers all your subjects. However, prepare short term plans every night, such as the chapter to be studied the next morning and repeat the same task the next night. Open the page number of the chapter that you are going to study and place it on your study table to avoid wasting time and confusion.

  • Do not take too many breaks

It is essential to take breaks while studying but too many breaks will ultimately cause distraction. Organise your study table on the day before with all the necessary materials required for your preparation. The next day, prepare small snacks or coffee and place it within your reach to avoid getting up from your table too many times. The more number of times you get up, the less interested you will be to complete the given task.

  • Select a good online institute

As a serious NEET aspirant, you will need all the help to clear the exams with good marks and coaching centers will provide extra support to reach your goal. Select a good online coaching center, which provides the best content and has great faculty members to teach the subject. Make sure to utilise all the benefits provided by the institute to make your dream come true.

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  • Exercise everyday

Studying for hours can be an exhausting task and it will consume a lot of time and energy from your body and mind. To not let yourself drain, maintain a healthy routine by exercising and eating a balanced meal. Exercising and meditating will boost your mental and physical performance and will help you to stay active throughout your exam preparation.

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