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How To Prepare For NEET In 20 Days?

“I fear not the man who has practised 10,000 kicks once, but the man who has practised one kick 10,000 times” – Bruce Lee, this quote perfectly justifies what your course of action at this crunch time should shape up into. Know the basics of acing the exams, stick to it, and practice it over and over. Just gaining mastery over the limited steps to say in other words.

NEET (National Eligibility cum Entrance Test) UG exams are conducted by the National Testing Agency (NTA). NEET 2022 is about to happen on July 17.

With this, students have got surplus time to prepare for the much-awaited and the most coveted medical entrance exam, NEET. While it may seem a daunting task to prepare for NEET in just 20 days, it is not impossible. Just a combination of smart, efficient moves and determination shall give you the results you are looking for.

With NEET being just around the corner, candidates must give it their all to prepare for the exams, knowing the fact that time is a constraint now. 20 days is not much time, yet candidates can make the most of these days with sheer dedication. That being said, one of the first and foremost steps in your preparation must be strategic planning. Those who have gained conceptual clarity over the syllabus and topics of NEET will find these last few days to be a breeze in terms of cracking the exam. Of course, the pre-exam jitters are natural.

One can’t ignore the fact that some students have devoted time from the last 1-2 years for NEET preparations, the exam serving as a gateway to their future. This, in view of the fierce level of competition offered by lakhs of students participating in the exam and hence its repercussions on the difficulty level of the paper, is absolutely justified. There is no secret or shortcut to crack the exam, the only way out is through hard work and dedication.

Preparation For NEET In 20 Days

We have collated a set of steps you can follow if you are looking at cracking NEET exams in a matter of 20 days. Read on:

Strategic division of time

Candidates must have a sense of time, given that there are not many days left. You have to give in double the efforts with each passing day. The importance of every minute has to be valued, and measures to be taken accordingly. Waste of time at this eleventh hour can come at a bigger price.

Set daily goals, which at the end of the day must be achieved. For this, one must equally divide time between all the sections, covering all subjects, hence keeping a track. Even distribution of time also ensures a balance is created, and this satisfaction is important. Subsequently, topics are regularly revised and numericals solved consistently. Follow this routine for the next 20 days.

Know What You Know, Perfectly

By this time, one must be well-aware of their strengths and weaknesses when it comes to different chapters. There are around 97 chapters in NEET syllabus. By now, you know how many of these chapters you know at your tips and which topics require more of your focus.

In these last few days, it is suggested to concentrate on mastering your strengths rather than concentrating on what you do not know and fret over it. Focus on your strengths, which you would have gained analysis over while solving previous years’ papers or even while giving mock tests. Focus on NCERT, since we all know that 80-85% of questions appearing in the NEET exam are NCERT based. Rather than reading from multiple sources, just stick to mastering your NCERT knowledge.

Revisions Can Be The Deciding Factor

Indulge in exhaustive revisions at this time. Do not involve yourself in knowing or learning something new at this time. It can cause confusion and aggravate the situation. The only deciding factor on your way to achieving success is your practice sessions, revisions. Revise each and every concept, basic or advanced, revise line by line.

It is not a new fact to students that questions in NEET exams demand conceptual clarity, which only comes from thorough revisions. Revisions come with a twofold benefit – it helps recall and revisit figures, facts, topics, studying ideologies that you covered a while ago, second – if revised correctly, it can help boost confidence and reduce the anxiety level, which usually reaches the pinnacle when exams are just a few days away. Use revision as a tool to prepare for NEET.

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Power Of Previous Years’ Question Papers & Mock Tests

Effective time management is a must-have skill. It is a critical skill to have acquired by students to crack NEET exams with good marks. Focus more on practising questions papers from previous years, a minimum of 20 years’ papers. Solve one paper every day. Also, take up mock tests every day. Practising these tests will help students get acquainted with the actual exam scenario with regards to the exam duration, paper pattern, marking scheme, bubbling OMR sheet, the difficulty level of the paper, etc. critical parameters. One can improve and enhance their speed and accuracy with these tests which serve as the key. Hence it is advised to practice full-length mock tests.

While solving previous years’ papers, check for the unattempted and incorrect responses and work on turning them to correct responses. Put in extra efforts during these last 20 days.

Uncompromising Levels Of Speed and Accuracy

The marking scheme leads to the deduction of one mark for every incorrect response. You may have excelled at preparation, but a couple of wrong moves at the exam can cost you thousands of ranks, beware! While preparing for the exam in the last 20 days, work on enhancing your speed and accuracy as well. Even the bubbling of OMR sheets for that matter, in a hurry, we tend to bubble the wrong circles. Practice this by downloading some sample OMR sheets available online.

Focus on increasing your speed at answering questions, especially the Biology and Chemistry section. Biology does not involve any calculations, try to solve this section first and complete it within an hour, so you have more time to solve Physics. Same with Chemistry, increase your speed by solving more questions every day and practising more. To be accurate at the Physics section precisely, solve more and more questions, avoid the use of calculators completely even while practising. Solve minor calculations in your head.

Time Out

Exams are here, so are the stress levels, at the peak! Ensure to stay calm and have a relaxed mind while preparing for exams. Let not panic hover over the best of you. Candidates are suggested to avoid over-thinking about the exam day, rather focus on their preparation and well-being. Take short breaks, meditate, do some form of physical activity, and keep your stress levels under control. The stability of mental health is equally important. Sound sleep and a well-balanced diet is a must. It can propel your NEET preparations in the last 20 days. Good luck!

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