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Surface Area of a Cylinder Formula

A solid geometrical structure that has two circular bases and two parallel faces then it is cylinder. The circular base radius is also the radius of the cylinder and the of the parallel faces if considered as the height of the cylinder. The total area occupied by the surface of the cylinder is the surface area of the cylinder. The unit of measurement of the surface area is in square units.

Surface Area of a Cylinder

The Surface Area of a Cylinder Formula is 

$\large Surface\;Area\;of\;a\;Cylinder=2\pi r(r+h)$ 

r is the radius of the circular base of the cylinder.
h is the height of the parallel face of the cylinder

Solved Examples

Question 1: What will be the surface of the cylinder with height 10 cm and diameter of the base is 12 cm.


Height = 10 cm
Diameter = 12 cm


According to the formula: $2\pi r(r+h)$

$=2\times 3.14 \times 6(6+10)$


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