Specific Heat Capacity Formula

Specific Heat Capacity Formula

The definition of specific heat capacity of any substance is “the quantity of heat required to change the temperature of a unit mass of the substance by 1 degree.” This is articulated as:

As it indicates the resistance of a material to an alteration in its temperature, specific heat capacity is a type of thermal inertia. Specific Heat Capacity Formula is also communicated in relation to the quantity of heat Q.

Specific heat capacity in terms of heat capacity is conveyed as


Problem 1: Compute the specific heat capacity if it requires 6000J of heat in order to get the temperature of body of a mass 1000g raised by 10oC.



Mass of body = 1000g = 1kg

Rise in temperature = 10oC

Quantity of heat = 6000J

We can use the formula,


Specific heat c = 60001×1060001×10

Specific heat c = 600J/kgoC

Problem 2: A body of mass 50g has a heat capacity of 3cal/oC. What will be the specific heat capacity of that body?



Mass of body = 50g

Heat capacity = 0.06cal/goC

Now we can use the formula

Specific heat capacity = 350350

Specific heat capacity = 0.06cal/goC

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