Specific Heat Capacity Formula

The definition of specific heat capacity of any substance is “the quantity of heat required to change the temperature of a unit mass of the substance by 1 degree.” This is articulated as:

Specific Heat Capacity Formula -1

As it indicates the resistance of a material to an alteration in its temperature, specific heat capacity is a type of thermal inertia. Specific Heat Capacity Formula is also communicated in relation to the quantity of heat Q.

Specific Heat Capacity Formula -2

Specific heat capacity in terms of heat capacity is conveyed as

 Specific Heat Capacity Formula -1

Problem 1: A piece of copper 125g has a heat capacity of 19687.6J also it is heated from 150 to 2500C heat. Find out the specific heat?



m = 125 gm

Q = 19687.6J

ΔT = 250-150 = 1000C

Specific Heat Capacity Formula -1

c = 19687.6/(125×100)

c = 1.575 J/g0C

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