CBSE Introduces Two level of Maths Exam for Class 10 Students

CBSE Introduces 2 Level of Maths Exam for Class 10 Students

Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has released a new notice for class 10 students. As per the official notification, two levels of maths exam will be conducted in the board exam of class 10 from the year 2020. However, the internal assessment will continue in the same way. There will be no change in the internal assessment process. Also, the CBSE class 10 syllabus for both the levels of the examination will remain the same. This provides an opportunity for the students to choose the level of board examination for maths subject depending upon the analytical and aptitude ability. This is a good initiative taken by the CBSE especially for those students who are weak in maths subject and does not want to pursue maths in senior secondary classes.

The option of choosing the basic or advance Maths in only available for CBSE class 10 students. For class 9 students, there is no such option available. Class 9 students have only one level of examination for Mathematics in the academic session 2019-2020. Below we have mentioned the process of choosing the level of Maths in class 10.

How to Choose the Level of Maths for Class 10 Board Exam

Students get the choice to choose between the two levels of examination at the time of submission of List of Candidates (LoC) by the affiliated school to the Board online. These process will be carried out by the respective schools. Students can opt for any one of the following levels of maths for class 10 board exam.

1) Standard Level: This level of exam is meant for those students who want to opt maths in the Sr. Secondary level. The level of exam is same as the existing level.

2) Basic Level: This exam will be for those students who are not keen to pursue Mathematics at higher levels. This exam will be of easier level as compared to the standard level.

In case students fails at any level of Mathematics exam, they can appear for the compartment examination. As per norms of the Board, students can appear for the following compartment option.

Failure in Compartment Option
Mathematics Basic Mathematics Basic
Mathematics Standard Mathematics Standard or Mathematics Basic

Students who qualify the Mathematics Basic will be given an option to appear in Mathematics Standard at the time of Compartment exams as per the board norms, in case they change their mind to pursue Mathematics at Senior Secondary level.

Students can read the complete details by downloading the official notice from the link given below.

Official Notice for the Introduction of 2 Levels of Maths for CBSE Class 10 Exam

CBSE Introduces Two level of Maths Exam for Class 10 Students

CBSE Introduces Two level of Maths Exam for Class 10 Students

Question paper design for both the levels of maths exam will be made available for the academic session ending in March 2020 in the official CBSE site. Also, detailed guidelines for filling up the LOC in 2020 will be issued to the affiliated schools at the time of filling up of LOC.

The introduction of 2 levels of maths exam has reduced the pressure of the students. Now, they can study the entire year with full joy and depending upon their interest in the Maths subject they can opt for the basic or standard level of Maths exam. To help students in their studies and make their learning experience more joyful we at BYJU’S provide all study material such as NCERT Solutions, CBSE Question Paper, NCERT Books and much more.

The CBSE board exam 2020 is to be conducted as per the CBSE syllabus and not NCERT books. So students are advised to prepare for the exam as per the syllabus provided in the CBSE official website. Download BYJU’S App and also subscribe to YouTube channel to get interactive Maths and Science videos. Stay tuned for the latest updates on CBSE and other competitive exams.

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