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English has a huge array of poems. Poems form one of the prominent elements of English Literature. From poems for preschool kids to poems for people pursuing Ph.D., there are millions of poems in the heart of English Literature. Among all these poems, one of the topics which people of all ages love reading on is nature. Humans have always felt peace and found serenity in nature’s lap. The majority of poems for 1st grader kids fall in the category of English poems for Class 1 on nature. Here, we are going to discuss an English Poem for Class 1- Clouds, which is also based on nature.

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English Poem for Class 1- Clouds

Clouds – Poem Summary

The CBSE English poem “Clouds” for Class 1 students is in the form of 7 short statements. It has a variable rhyme scheme. Here the narrator briefly describes that the environment is hot and slowly clouds come and cover the sky. They usher in joy by bringing rain and making the atmosphere cool once again.

This poem teaches Class 1 kids about the process of evaporation and condensation in plain untechnical words. Through such poems, kids can be taught the basics of many such processes in a very easy and fun way. 

The above poem “Clouds” is one of the poems included in the CBSE curriculum of the English language for Class 1 kids. To find all other poems for your Class 1 kid at one stop, you can check English Poems for Class 1 and learn more.


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