Once I Saw A Little Bird Poem for Class 1 Kids

Here we are going to explore one of the English Poems for Class 1 – Once I Saw A Little Bird. As kids, we all have been put in front of our relatives to recite poems, haven’t we? Reciting poems is one of the first few activities we are taught to do in our tender ages. Why are poems important for kids?

There are many reasons for that. The most prominent ones are: poems present a better way of expressing oneself; poems enhance one’s reading, speaking and discerning skills; and poem recitation boosts confidence and improves pronunciation. English poems for Class 1 on nature are very famous among the first-graders. Nature is loved by one and all. Birds too are a part of nature. So, Once I Saw A Little Bird is one of the English poems on Nature for Class 1 kids which we are sure that children would love reading.

Once I Saw A Little Bird Rhymes Free Download

Once I saw a Little Bird Poem for Class 1

Once I Saw A Little Bird Poem Summary

Kids have underdeveloped verbal skills, so they need first to get a good grip of simple words. As required, Once I Saw A Little Bird poem uses plain words from the English language. There are 8 short lines in the poem. There are 2 direct speeches among these lines- “Little bird, Will you stop, stop, stop?”, “How do you do?”.

This poem precisely shows the affection of a kid towards a bird. The kid is the speaker of the poem. The kid tells that he/she saw a little bird come and hop at the window. The words “I cried…” show the amazement which the kid feels to see the bird near the window. The kid asks the bird if it would stop. Then, by the time the kid is about to reach the window to ask the bird about its well-being, the bird flies away.

In this Once I Saw A Little Bird rhymes, we see how innocently the kid asks the bird if it would stop at the window for a while. Kids are so fond of Mother Nature. They get fascinated by the animals, birds and plants around them. The affection of the kid in the poem towards the bird can be evidently seen by the usage of words like “little bird”, “little tail”, and how the kid “cries” at the amazement of watching the bird at the window.

That was one of the poems in English on Nature for Class 1. If you are looking out for more of such poems for your 1st grader, we have plenty of them!

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