Merry Go Round Poem

Poems form a major part of English Literature. Through poems, we get a deeper understanding of the thought process and intended meanings hidden behind a set of words. This discerning skill in kids is raw. That’s why poems are very crucial for kids. It enhances their reading, speaking, writing and comprehension skills. 

Here is an English Poem for Class 1 – Merry-Go-Round. It is included in the CBSE curriculum of English for Class 1 kids. In the sections below, find its detailed summary and downloadable colourful pdf.

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Merry Go Round Poem for Class 1

Merry Go Round – Poem Summary

The poem, written by Dorothy W. Baruch, looks a little lengthier than the other poems in the curriculum for Class 1 kids. But there are repetitions of many words- round, around, merry-go-round, brown horse, etc. Similar to most of the other poems in the curriculum, here too the narrator is a kid. 

Throughout the poem, the kid is describing the event of him/her taking a ride on a merry-go-round. The kid explains how the merry-go-round moved round and round, and how the brown-horse which he/she was riding went up and down. In these lines, we can sense the happiness the kid feels while riding the merry-go-round.

That was the poem Merry-Go-Round for your Class 1 kid. To find many such exciting poems, you can check English Poems for Class 1 for your child.

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