Flying Man Poem

Poems are the life of a language. They bring colours of emotions and feelings into the otherwise plain set of words. Poems are written on various topics: plants, animals, flowers, fruits, fantasy, etc. Fantasy poems let the poets bring out their dream world into words. Such poems take us far from the harsh realities to pleasing imaginations. 

A child’s mind is very creative. It loves imagination. Fantasy poems let the kids take a dive into a world where elements like fairies, nymphs, angels, etc. exist. Here we bring you the English Poem for Class 1 kids- Flying Man, which is also one such fantasy poem.

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Flying Man Poem for Class 1

A Flying Man – Poem Summary

In this poem for Class 1 students, the narrator is a kid. The kid is asking a “Flying-Man” (who sounds to be some super-hero) about where he is going. The kid then goes on to query about the types of places the Flying-Man must be crossing during his flight- mountains and seas. In the end, the kid also asks the Flying-Man if he could take him/her too.

The poem spans only 8 short lines. Language is simple and interrogative, where the kid is asking multiple questions to the Flying-Man. The poem “Flying Man” is enlisted in the CBSE English curriculum for Class 1 kids. This poem brings out the purity of a child’s mind so effortlessly. Fantasy poems increase the imagination power of kids. 

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