World Sparrow Day

World sparrow day is celebrated every year on 20th March to raise awareness on the importance of sparrows. This celebration encourages people to protect the birds from extinction.

This initiative was taken by the Nature Forever Society in India, the Eco-Sys Action Foundation (France) and several national and international organisations worldwide.

This initiative also raises awareness of the effect of noise pollution on house sparrows and other birds across the globe.

The below article discusses world sparrow day, the significance of this day in the context of the UPSC Exam.

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Important Facts on History of World Sparrow Day

  • World Sparrow Day was first observed on 20th March 2010.
  • Mohammed Dilawar, Indian conservationist and founder of Nature Forever Society, initiated world sparrow day.
  • He raised awareness about the importance of the conservation of house sparrows.
  • The celebration highlights the massive decrease in the population of house sparrows due to pollution.

Significance of World Sparrow Day

  • World sparrow day is celebrated on 20th March to spread awareness on the importance of conserving sparrows and other birds.
  • The increase in noise, air and water pollution leads to a decrease in the population of birds worldwide. Chemical waste and plastics cause harm to both aquatic animals and birds. Individuals should know that the average life expectancy of a wild sparrow is 4 to 5 years. Therefore, it is essential to protect these birds from extinction.
  • Ornithologists suggest numerous reasons for the decline of the house sparrow. Lack of nesting sites due to buildings, scarcity of food, and pesticides are the significant causes of their extinction.
  • Usage of pesticides in gardens and fields results in the decline of invertebrate fauna. Individuals should know that tiny insects are the food of newborn sparrows. A reduction in food becomes the reason behind the decline in the sparrow population.
  • A decline in the practice of feeding sparrows, reduced spillage of grains, high predation by cats and owls, improved grain storage facilities and competition for food have threatened the sparrow population.
  • Celebration of world sparrow day takes place to protect these animals from the impact of pollution. People also celebrate the day to admire the beauty of nature and biodiversity.
  • Individuals and international organisations work together to protect sparrows.

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World Sparrow Day, 2021

  • The theme of world sparrow day in 2021 was ‘I Love Sparrows’.
  • This theme inspired people to celebrate their relationship of harmony and protection with sparrows.
  • Ideally, humans have lived in peace for more than 10,000 years. House sparrows can reside in rural or urban settings, as they can correlate with human habitations.
  • The celebration in 2021 highlighted how citizens worldwide are taking initiatives in protecting these birds.
  • This celebration thanked individuals for expressing their love for sparrows by contributing to the conservation of sparrows.

Hopefully, this article on World sparrow day will help students understand the birds’ importance and protection.

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Frequently Asked Questions about World Sparrow Day

Which environmentalist builds sparrow nests in India?

Environmentalist Rakesh Khatri has been making nests for sparrows for over a decade. He has built around 1,25,000 birdhouses across India.

Why are sparrows important for the environment?

Sparrows are essential to maintain the ecological balance as they feed alpha and cutworm insects to their children. These insects usually harm crops and destroy them.

Who started the World sparrow day celebration in India?

Mohammed Dilawar, Indian conservationist and founder of Nature Forever Society, started world sparrow day celebration in India.

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