CAT Preparation Strategy 2022

CAT 2021 will be conducted by one of the IIM and to ace it, one needs a proper preparation strategy. With a proper CAT preparation strategy, aspirants can not only prepare for CAT in a more effective way but can also handle any question in the exam more accurately. So, to help the CAT 2022 aspirants ace the exam, an effective CAT 2022 preparation strategy is given here.

Why CAT Preparation Strategy Matters?

CAT is conducted by the Indian Institutes of Management as shortlisting criteria for their different programmes. The CAT exam is taken by over a quarter of a million MBA aspirants every year and only those candidates who are in the top few percentiles get calls from the IIMs. This makes the exam extremely competitive and thus, a proper preparation strategy is required to be in that top percentile segment.

Preparation Strategy for CAT 2022

The whole CAT 2022 preparation strategy can be divided into three phases i.e.:

  • Information Gathering Strategy
  • Preparation Strategy
  • Exam-Taking Strategy

All these strategies, if followed properly, can help any CAT aspirant to have excellent preparation and help them to ace the CAT 2022 easily. All of these strategies are discussed below in a comprehensive way.

Information Gathering Strategy

Before starting the preparation, individuals are required to be completely acquainted with the CAT exam and its relevant details. Details like syllabus, exam pattern, eligibility, and registration details should be thoroughly checked initially. At this point, it is also important to decide whether to go for self-study or coaching. Check out the articles below to know all the relevant details about the exam.

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It is also important to have proper study materials and books for CAT. The articles that are given above mention some of the best preparation books for all the sections that can be used for CAT preparation.

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Preparation Strategy

Now, comes the preparation phase which is the most crucial for a CAT aspirant. At this point, it is important to strategize a preparation plan and stick to it. Take a mock test and analyse the weak and strong topics which will help to make a schedule accordingly. It is suggested to cover all the syllabus topics and include time for revision and mock tests in the schedule.

After the schedule is made, it is important to practice a lot of questions from each section. By practising different variations of questions, individuals can easily be able to develop their problem-solving skills and can tackle any questions in the exam more efficiently and accurately. Also, solve several sample papers and question papers to understand the exam better.

During the preparation, it is extremely crucial to take several mock tests and then analyse them properly. Mock tests not only help to analyse the current preparation level but also help to develop personal test-taking and time-management strategies. At this time, it is also important to revise periodically to be able to retain all the concepts and formulas longer.

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It is suggested to be focussed and dedicated all throughout the preparation and avoid skipping any topic. With a proper preparation, individuals develop their confidence to tackle CAT questions which helps a lot during the exam.

Exam-Taking Strategy

With proper exam-taking strategies, candidates will be able to solve the most number of question accurately and increase their chances of getting into the top percentile segment. For CAT, it is extremely important to manage time and avoid getting a penalty for incorrect answers. So, time management and avoiding negative marking is considered to be of utmost importance for the exam.

One of the strategies to attempt CAT questions is to start with the easy ones and then move to the difficult and tricky questions. This way, one can easily attempt more questions accurately. It is very important to understand that in CAT exam, accuracy is more important than attempting more questions.

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These were the best strategies for CAT 2021 which can help the candidates to prepare for CAT more effectively and help them to ace it easily. CAT aspirants are also suggested to register at BYJU’S and download the app to get complete assistance for the exam.