Benefits of GMAT and 7 Reasons to Take the GMAT Exam

GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test) is an online test conducted to examine the abilities required for MBA and other postgraduate administration courses. You will be tested on your competence in the following sections – Quantitative Aptitude, Verbal aptitude, Integrated Reasoning, and Analytical Writing Assessment. The selection procedure for the yearning MBA candidates relies upon the score they obtain in GMAT which is followed by a personal interview of the candidate. In the event that you are doubtful on why to take the exam when there are several colleges which offer MBA courses without any entrance exams, then you can read the following article to get to know the advantages of attempting the GMAT exam.

For your easy reference, you can download the GMAT syllabus in PDF format from the below links:

Benefits of GMAT

The career opportunities after GMAT are mentioned below:

  • Career Opportunity

The GMAT score is important in many other English speaking nations as well. Therefore, accomplishing a decent score in GMAT gives you a chance to gain admission in some of the top-tier B-schools in the world. These B-schools have a comprehensive MBA program which enriches your knowledge and assists in developing crucial traits like Leadership, Finance, Marketing and Decision making. You will learn to hire the correct set of people for the job and develop an effective hierarchy for the organization. There are many reputed organizations which hire candidates purely on the basis of the fact that they are MBA graduates from top B-schools. The HR will be well aware of your expertise since you have managed to gain admission at a prestigious university after crossing several hurdles in the application process. You will be offered mid to high-level managerial opportunities which provides your career with an immense boost. These offers will definitely be lucrative and come with hefty pay packages in the range of – $80,129 to $143,989 according to Payscale.

  • Validity

Age Limit– There is no predetermined age limit for taking GMAT, so you can take this test even after years of work experience. This is a great advantage to candidates who have been working for a long period of time and have decided to do an MBA. You do not have to worry about any age limits to appear for this exam. If you have a desire to pursue an MBA at 45 years also, you may proceed to apply for the GMAT exam and attempt the same. However, keep in mind to be updated about the latest developments in technology and the most recent news around the world. This would come in handy during your personal interview in the admission process. The B-schools would also prefer to admit candidates who have some work experience since they possess more maturity, wisdom and good judgment which the freshers would be lacking in.

Score Validity – The GMAT score which you take is legitimate for a long time which implies you can join the MBA program at whatever point in time you want inside this time limit. The GMAT scores are valid for 5 years, thus offering you a lot of flexibility. You can attempt the exam after your under graduation and gain a few years of work experience before you proceed to apply for admissions. This way you get to complete your exam when you choose to and also work on your profile during this time period.

  • Exposure to Multicultural Environment

GMAT gives you a chance to study abroad where you meet individuals from different cultural backgrounds and ethnicities which assists you to adapt to a completely distinct environment. This helps you to develop as an individual and makes you aware of multicultural qualities. You may be exposed to a similar environment later when you begin to work and therefore it will prove beneficial to you since you are familiar with such surroundings. You may even get the chance to learn the basics in a new language which is again an added asset to your profile when you are looking for employment opportunities. When you interact with the locals you get to know their customs and practices which will help you to adapt to your surroundings accordingly.

  • Self-Evaluation

Taking this entrance exam not just expands your odds of contemplating and working abroad additionally it helps you in judging your ability and the aptitude which you possess to procure a seat in one of the top B-schools. It gives you a chance to sharpen your skills like – solving various difficulty level questions, managing time effectively, improving your knowledge on several topics under Quant, Verbal, Writing, and Reasoning. Once you are admitted into the MBA program you will automatically learn to pick up many other key managerial skills like – presentation capabilities, communication techniques, finance handling etc.

  • Accessible

There are more than 530 GMAT test centers around the world. So individuals all around the world have the opportunity to attempt the exam. You do not have to worry about traveling to far-off locations to attempt the exam since the centers are distributed at all major locations around the world.

  • Liberty To Choose Exam Date and Option to improve GMAT score

There is no fixed date for the GMAT exam so you have the flexibility to pick the date and time as per your convenience to take the exam. You can also keep in mind that you have the benefit of attempting the exam up to 5 times in a calendar year with a 16-day time gap between each attempt. This once again gives you the flexibility of writing the exam multiple times in case you are not satisfied with the results of the exam. You need not waste an entire year waiting for the exam date.

  • Worldwide Criterion

Around 1900 B-Schools overall accept GMAT scores, which implies GMAT has accomplished a worldwide standard. You can apply to a multitude of B-schools across the world since GMAT is a universally recognized standard. Many admissions committees are aware of the significance of the scores and how competent the candidates would be if they have accomplished a high score on the GMAT exam.

Value Added Skills

  • Time Management Skills – When you begin to get ready for this exam you will learn one of the most imperative skills, which is time administration. As far as possible every test will require you to figure out how to handle your time better which enhances your capacity and ability to solve questions quickly and in a short span of time. You will learn to allocate time appropriately for each section.
  • Acquiring Multiple Skills – The subjects in GMAT are exceptionally critical in each area. So you can improve your verbal aptitudes and the most critical composition abilities. The quantitative finesse you acquire will enhance your critical thinking abilities which are vital even in your professional life. These are vital assets which will be of immense use at any point in your life.
  • Updating Computer Skills – GMAT is PC versatile test, which implies different decision answers are given for the inquiries, so you will have to review your PC abilities on the off chance that you are not all that acquainted with using a computer. It helps you in the long run since in the current age everything is dependent on technology and it is imperative for you to learn basic computer skills.

GMAT gives you a superior opportunity to focus on the best of B-Schools around the local area and even abroad. Consequently, it is an important open door accessible for the individuals who would like to obtain their MBA degree and as the platitude goes “Fortune is the thing that happens when arrangement meets opportunity”.

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