Cleanest Village in Asia: Notes for UPSC Exam

Mawlynnong Village is the cleanest village in Asia. Discover India magazine declared the village as cleanest in Asia in 2003 and cleanest in India in 2005. The village is located in the East Khasi Hills of Meghalaya. The village is located at a distance of 90 km from Shillong, capital of Meghalaya. The village is located at the India-Bangladesh border. As it is located at a higher elevation, it offers a good view of the plains of Bangladesh.

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Which is the Largest Village in the World?

Skokie is considered as the largest village in the world. It is located in Illinois in the United States. The village has a large Jewish population, who settled here after World War 2. The total area of the village is around 26 square kilometres. The village is home to the Holocaust museum and education centre.

Which is the best month to visit Meghalaya?

It is good to visit Meghalaya in the early summers and winters. The best months to visit Meghalaya is between October and June. 

How is the Cleanliness maintained in Mawlynnong Village?

Bamboo dustbins are used for the collection of waste, which is disposed of later in a pit which is later used as manure. All residents have to mandatorily take part in cleaning activities. Use of polythene bags is not permitted. Rainwater harvesting techniques are deployed in this village for the preservation of water.

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