Benefits of Using a Tablet for Studying for UPSC Exam

Nothing is constant in this world. In fact, it is said that change is the only thing constant! Everything changes, evolves into something better, something more comprehensive. Even modes of learning have been evolving over the years. With the astronomical pace at which technology has been upgrading, it is no surprise that technology-enabled education is here to stay and revolutionise the world. The tablet is now a part of classrooms in many places. Read on for the several benefits of using a tablet for studying.


A tablet is easy to carry. If you are a working professional, it is ideal because you can carry your IAS notes to your workplace easily. You can also use it to study while travelling. It is any day better than carrying heavy books.

All in one place

You can have a lot of material in one place. You can switch from one subject to another easily.

Multiple ways to learn

A tablet offers multiple ways to learn and understand concepts. You may not always comprehend complex concepts just by reading text. Videos offer a better alternative. Difficult concepts are explained with the help of 3D images in videos. This also enhances your ability to retain what you study since you are learning from multiple senses (seeing and hearing), and not just reading printed lines. Tablets give you the option of switching from text to video in a blink.

Watch Geography/Political Science/Economics/History video lectures for IAS exam here.

Making notes

There are handwriting recognition apps that help you take notes in your own hand. This enhances the usability of the tab manifold. For those who prefer typing to writing, there is a keyboard option in the tab that gives that option as well.


With tablets, you can send and receive notes and study material with your friends or mentors easily.


Today, a lot of books are available in soft format as well. You don’t have to buy and store all the books required for UPSC civil services exam. You can download or buy online several e-books which are needed for the UPSC IAS exam. You can download the NCERT textbooks for free from here.

In today’s fast-paced world, everybody has to keep up. In the case of the UPSC civil services exam, competition is increasing every year and the exam itself is evolving into a more dynamic and analytical one, instead of an exam that focuses on candidates’ memory skills. Candidates are now assessed on their take on current affairs, their views on news and their creativity in trying to solve the problems faced by the country. Static portions are studied in the same manner by almost everyone. But aspirants differ in their ability to read news and extract meaning from them. This is where one needs to inculcate dynamism in their learning. Books are, of course, never going to be extinct. But a combination of books and the latest technology is required to stay a step ahead of competition.

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