10 Benefits of doing IAS Preparation on Tablet

Tablet Courses for UPSC – Benefits

Technology has changed the way we live and learn in a big way. Tablets are replacing textbooks, and reading and writing is fast giving way to viewing and listening. BYJU’S has revolutionised the way people learn with its tablets and internet-based learning methods. In this day and age, when IAS aspirants are pressed for time, tablet courses are by far the most convenient and effective manner for completing the UPSC syllabus. In this article, you can read about the many benefits of doing IAS preparation on a tablet.

Ten Benefits of doing IAS Preparation on Tablet

1. Expert Faculty

BYJU’S courses on tablets are curated and presented by expert faculty and subject-matter expert from all over India. It covers all the major subjects in the UPSC syllabus like polity, history, geography, science and technology, international relations, current affairs, economy and so on.

2. IAS Preparation – Anytime, anywhere

The tablet allows you to study at the time of your convenience without compromising on the quality of education being provided to you. You can access IAS coaching material on the go, while on the bus, at breaks in the office, literally anywhere and at any time – when you are free! You do not have to change your schedule to fit into someone else’s time.

3. Exclusive Mentorship Program

Every student prepares under the aegis of a faculty mentor who helps them with their IAS preparation. These dedicated mentors clear your doubts, give you handy tips and strategies to prepare for IAS and also motivate you towards your IAS dream. Every student will be assigned a mentor who will give exclusive study plans and guidance to help clear the IAS exam.

4. Preparation strategy tailored for you

When you enrol for the tablet program, a timetable would be provided to you. This would let you enhance your preparation from the day you start your IAS prep. 

5. Current affairs coverage

Current Affair topics, relevant from the IAS point of view, would be provided to you on a daily basis. Lectures on current affairs would also be sent, which could help you grasp the concept of a particular event even better. The daily CNA (comprehensive news analysis) along with the video lecture of the daily CNA will be sent to you which will cover all the important news of the day from a UPSC perspective. Also, timely video lectures on all the current topics for IAS will be provided from different subjects like economy, polity, geography, etc.

Let’s see an example;

  • In the year of 1975, Indira Gandhi had declared a state of emergency, which had allowed her to gain almost absolute control for the Indian National Congress and the Indian Government. She had declared a state of emergency in the country. The Congress Socialist Party led by Jaiprakash Narayan protested against Indira Gandhi gaining absolute power over the government.
  • How is this relevant? The prelims exam of 2015 had a question of the Congress Socialist Party. This is 40 years post the event. This is how important back linkage is when it comes to IAS.

6. Complete coverage of the UPSC syllabus

The IAS educational tablet program would have lectures on the entire IAS syllabus, given by the best IAS faculty from Delhi. The syllabus would be upgraded with the change in pattern. 

7. Special Focus on important topics

Unique topics like internal Security, International Relations, Ethics, Disaster Management, India Yearbook, and Economic Survey would be covered by specialists in the field. 

8. Test Series

Evaluation and feedback are the most important aspects to be taken into consideration while preparing for IAS. Moreover, test practice makes the whole difference between serious candidates and the rest. Only mock test practice will give you the real feel of the IAS exam and help you increase your speed and quick-thinking skills for the UPSC exam. The tablet course will cover timely test series both for the prelims and the IAS mains exams. For the mains exam, answer writing practice is essential for helping you clear the IAS exam.

9. Visualization of concepts

Tablets help you visualize every single concept and topic. Tablet learning helps you remember and understand concepts better.

10. Why is IAS tablet preparation the smarter way?

This is the era of smartphones and smarter people, and we present a way of SMART STUDYING; Download The BYJU’S Learning App (Google Play Store), go to the IAS section and take a couple of mock tests, view the latest current affairs lecture; enrol in our tablet program and view lectures by the best IAS teachers with experience of training numerous IAS aspirants and top scorers over the years.

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