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Temple architecture in India began with cave architecture. cave architecture was significant in deccan under Rashtrakutas. Important cave architectures are discussed here.


Ajanta Caves  are discovered by british officer, they are mentioned first by Hiuentsang. There are thirty cave temples. 5 are chaityas and remaining are viharas. These temples depict various events associated with Buddha’s life


Ellora Caves there are nearly 34 caves, and these caves depict all the major faiths of that time
Viz- hinduism, jainism, buddhism


Bhimbetka Caves located in madhyapradesh. They are the biggest prehistoric art depository in India.


Elephanta caves these caves are known for exquisitely carved temples. Three headed form god is the central attraction. Here images depicts fierce, feminine and meditative aspects of great ascetic lord shiva


Jogeshwar and kanheri caves there are 109 cave complex located near Borivili national park in Bombay. These caves known for both hinayana and mahayana illustrations



Consider the following statements.

  1. Ajanta caves are known for cultural harmony
  2. Bhimbetka caves are the oldest surviving rock cut caves in India
  3. Elephanta caves are known for exquisitely carved temples

Which of the following is/are correct with respect to cave architecture in India?

A) 1, 2 only
B) 2,3 only
C) 1, 3 only
D) All of the above

Answer: B

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