G D Khosla Report, 1969

Enquiry Committee on Film Censorship’ headed by Justice (Retd.) GD Khosla submitted its report in 1969 wished to discard the domination of central government on film censorship. The Committee envisaged an “independent and autonomous Board of Film Censors” headed by a chairperson with status and ranking of a High Court Judge. Rigid censorship code, constant fear of interference by Central Government and the resultant ‘lack of responsibility’ of examining committee members were recognized as the ‘most important defects destroying the efficiency of the Board’. Accordingly, it recommended for scrapping of ‘advisory panels’ appointed under governmental patronage and said that the ‘Board members’ themselves shall examine and certify the films assuming full responsibility. Further, the Committee proposed that the film certification guidelines shall be drawn up by the Board itself and not as a diktat of Central Government. The concept was in the news recently. To know why it was in the news click the above link titled ‘Related News’.

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