Geography and International Relations through Maps - UPSC Exam 2021

Geography is one of the subjects with definite syllabus but bit vast and candidates who choose this as an optional subject in the UPSC Civil Services Mains Exam need to stress more on the conceptual questions which requires deep analysis. So, IAS aspirants with this subject as optional should be aware of current affairs and also be good in India and World Maps because most of the question asked in the exam are based on laws, principles, and maps.  This article talks about tips which would help you answer map based questions for UPSC 2021 effectively.

With an aim and the sincere effort to make useful guide to all those candidates for whom Geography and knowing places still remains a challenge and feel difficulty in understanding the basics of Geography, where the answers and explanations for simple questions asked lack in any book, we present the below video on Geography to make the understanding of the subject easy.Before starting with this year’s Geography and International Relations Vidoes, it is advised to go through the last year’s

  • Physical features of different parts of the world                     
  • Rocky Mountains
  • Great Lake
  • Appalachians


United Nation Convention on Law of Seas
Internal waters
Territorial waters
Nautical miles
Contiguous zone
Exclusive economic zone
Nine Dotted Line

  Below are the important places and International Relations topics mentioned in the video, to know in detail and make notes

World Geography

International Relations
East China Sea • China • Korea • Japan • Taiwan ASEAN
Kolkata-Kunming Initiative (Also Known as BCIM Initiative Bangladesh-China-India-Myanmar)
South China Sea • Spratly Islands • Paracel Islands • Scarborough Islands
China Pakistan Economic Corridor
Japan One Road One Belt
Central Asian Countries
Caspian Sea
Red Sea Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP)
Caribbean Sea
Iran Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP)
Levante Countries
Arabian Peninsula
CUBA Mausum
Five Lakes of US
Countries part of Mercosur
Africa BIMSTEC – Bangladesh-India-Myanmar-Srilanka-Thailand-Nepal-Bhutan
South Sudan – Juba; Countries surrounding South Sudan
Australia – Canberra; Different Provinces and its capital   city
European Union

  Few points from the video that would be important in the UPSC Exam point of view:

  • Between which two seas the Korean Peninsula is located?
  • Japan is between which two oceans or sea?
  • Senkaku Islands and Sacotra Rock are disputed territories located in which sea?
  • Where are the Spratly, Paracel, Scarborough Islands located?
  • Countries which border the Persian Gulf.
  • Countries which border the Gulf of Oman.
  • Countries that pass through One Road One Belt.
  • India is part of which organization (TPP or RCEP)
  • Countries that share borders with the Red Sea
  • Which separates the Red Sea from the Gulf of Aden
  • Which strait separates the Persian Gulf from the Gulf of Oman?
  • Countries that surround the Persian Gulf
  • Countries part of EU 28
  • Which strait separates Cuba from the US?
  • Which Country is between the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean?
  • Five Lakes of United States of America
  • Countries part of Mercosur in South America

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