Indian Coast Guard Ships (ICGS) - Facts for IAS Exam

A multi-mission organisation, the Indian Coast Guard (ICG) conducts round-the-year real-life sea operations. To conduct these operations in the territorial waters of India, ICG encompasses ships. These Indian Coast Guard Ships (ICGS) help the ICG unit to perform.

As an IAS Exam aspirant, you should know about the ICG and ICGS. This article will provide you with relevant facts about these and you can also download the notes for future reference.

Latest Context on Indian Coast Guardship –

Indian Coast Guard ship ’Vajra’ commissioned formally into service on March 24th 2021. It is the 6th offshore patrol vessel to enhance coastal security.

Key points on ‘VAJRA ‘ ICGS offshore Patrol Vessel-

  • Vajra has been indigenously designed and built by Larsen and Turbo
  • ICGS Vajra is the sixth in the series of seven Offshore Patrol Vessels (OPVs).
  • It is a 98-meter ship designed to carry one twin-engine helicopter and four high-speed boats.
  • It has a 30-mm gun as main armament and fitted with two 12.7-mm SRCG (Stabilised Remote Controlled Gun) for enhanced fighting efficiency.
  • It can be used in Search and Rescue, Law Enforcement, and Maritime Patrol.
  • It is also capable of carrying Pollution Response Equipment for oil spill response at Sea.
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What is the Indian Coast Guard?

Unlike the Indian navy which is responsible for securing the freedom of India on waters through maintaining, training, and equipping combat-ready naval forces capable of winning wars, deterring aggression, and maintaining freedom of the seas; the Indian Coast Guard is into law enforcement, search and rescue in the sea.

  • It was established on 18 August 1978 by the Coast Guard Act, 1978. It performs non-military functions.
  • Motto: वयम रक्षामः” (Vayam Rakshamah), which translates from Sanskrit as “We Protect”
  • It operates under the Ministry of Defence.
  • The headquarter of the Indian Coast Guard is in New Delhi
  • It has jurisdiction over the territorial waters of India including contiguous zone and exclusive economic zone.
  • It is responsible for marine environment protection in maritime zones of India and is a coordinating authority for response to oil spills in Indian waters.

Indian Coast Guard Ships

Indian Coast Guard Ships are the Vessels bearing the prefix “ICGS”. Check the list of ICGS below:

Categories of Indian Coast Guard Ships (ICGS)
ICGS Pollution Control Vessel
ICGS Offshore Patrol Vessels
ICGS Fast Patrol Vessels
ICGS Patrol Boats
ICGS Patrol Crafts
ICGS Hover Crafts

List of ICGS Pollution Control Vessel Class

Class Commissioned
ICGS Samudra 2010 – present

List of ICGS Offshore Patrol Vessels

Class Commissioned
ICGS Vajra 2021
ICGS Vikram 2018 – present
ICGS Samarth 2015 – present
ICGS Vishwast 2010 – present
ICGS Sankalp  2008 – present
ICGS Samar 1996 – present

List of ICGS Fast Patrol Vessels

Class Commissioned
Aadesh 2013 – present
Rajshree 2012- present
Rani Abbaka 2009- present
Sarojini Naidu 2002- present
Priyadarshini 1992- present

List of ICGS Patrol Boats

Class Commissioned
ICGS Bharati  2013 – present
ICGS L&T 2012 – present
ICGS ABJ 2000 – present
ICGS AMP 1993 – present
ICGS Swallow Craft 1980 – present

List of ICGS Patrol Crafts

Class Commissioned
Timblo 2010 – present
Bristol 2004 – present
Vadyar 1988 – present
Mandovi Marine 1980  – present

List of ICGS Hover Crafts

Class Commissioned
Griffon Class 2000 – present

Integrated Underwater Harbour Defence and Surveillance System (IUHDSS)

  • The defence system at a naval harbour in Kochi has a state-of-the-art automated system capable of tracking, identifying, detecting, and generating warnings for surface and underwater threats.
  • It will enable operators to foresee, and respond to, surface and sub-surface threats to vital assets along the harbour and warships in the quay.
  • The system comprises a cluster of coastal surveillance radars, high-power underwater sensors, and diver detection sonars.
  • Israeli Aerospace Industries (IAI) ELTA was involved in designing IUHDSS.
  • The IUHDSS, along with the specialised Sagar Prahari Bal, would help in augmenting security of the coast around the naval installations in Kochi.
  • It will relay images to the multi-agency Joint Operations Centre (JOC).

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Frequently Asked Questions on Indian Coast Guard Ships


Q 1. How is the Indian Navy different from the Indian Coast Guard?

Ans. The Indian Navy is responsible for securing freedom of Indian waters by maintaining, training and readying the naval forces for war situations. The Indian Coast Guard, on the other hand, is focused on rescue operations and search operations in the sea.

Q 2. What is ICGS Vajra?

Ans. The Indian Coast Guard Ship (ICGS) Vajra is the sixth vessel in the series of seven OPVs being built under a Ministry of Defence contract signed in 2015. It was commissioned to the Indian Coast Guard in 2021.

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