How to Check the UPSC application Status?

The UPSC recruits candidates to various Services and Posts through the IAS Exam, which is one of the top competitive exams chased by the young population of the country. The commission provides the facility to check the IAS application status through the official website. 

In this article, we will discuss how to check the status of the UPSC Application if there is confusion in the candidates’ minds. 

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UPSC 2022 Application Status

The application start date for UPSC 2022 is from 2nd February 2022 onwards and the candidates can fill out the application form till 22nd February 2022. The aspirants should fill up the application form as early as possible and should not wait for the last date to fill out the application form. Sometimes, while filling out the form, the candidate might lose the internet connection or face some issues. At that time, if the aspirants get exited from the form, he/she can check the application form status by following the procedure mentioned below:

Procedure to Check UPSC Application Status

The procedure to check the UPSC 2022 application status is as follows:

  • Once the Registration ID is generated, the UPSC application status can be checked by entering the RID and date of birth details. 
  • After the candidate is logged in, the applicant can check the status of the application. 
  • If the Registration ID is not generated, a fresh application can be started by the applicant. 
  • The persons exempted from fees needn’t pay the fees, and their application is said to be completed even if they don’t pay the fee. 
  • Those who are not exempted from fees should pay the fees on time through online or “Pay by Cash” mode for their application to be considered complete. 
  • The candidates have to receive the completed application message with Part I and Part II completed messages on their email address or mobile phone. 

The candidates who have doubts about whether the application is completed or not will find the above procedure helpful to check their UPSC application status. 

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FAQ about Checking UPSC Application Status

How can I check my UPSC application status?

If the candidate is redirected to some other page or error page while filling up the form, then he/she can log in again with RID and DOB details and continue filling the form.

How can I know my Registration number?

After completing Part I of the UPSC application form, a Registration ID is generated and communicated to the candidates via mail address or mobile number or both. This RID have to be noted down by the candidates for future references.

When is the status of the UPSC application considered complete?

The UPSC online application is considered to be complete when the candidate successfully completes both the parts – Part I and Part II of the application form.

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