02 Oct 2023: PIB Summary for UPSC

02 October 2023 PIB
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1. National Turmeric Board
2. Indian Coast Guard Ship Samudra Prahari
3. Wildlife Week
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1. National Turmeric Board

Syllabus: GS-3, Economy

Prelims: National Turmeric Board


PM announced the setting up of the National Turmeric Board.

National Turmeric Board:

  • The PM announced that the Centre has decided to constitute the National Turmeric Board taking into account the long-pending demand of the sector’s stakeholders.
  • The Board will help farmers in different areas ranging from value-addition in the supply chain to infrastructure-related works.
  • The Board is expected to give turmeric production and export professional attention.
  • India produces nearly 1.1 million tonnes of turmeric, making up 80 per cent of the global output. 
  • India is a major producer, consumer and exporter of turmeric. After the pandemic, the health benefits of turmeric have received worldwide attention.

2. Indian Coast Guard Ship Samudra Prahari

Syllabus: GS-3, Security & Defence

Prelims: Indian Coast Guard Ship Samudra Prahari, Indian Coast Guard


Indian Coast Guard Ship Samudra Prahari visited Indonesia.


  • Indian Coast Guard Ship Samudra Prahari arrived at the port of Tanjung Priok, Jakarta, Indonesia as part of India’s ASEAN initiatives for Marine Pollution Response, underscoring India’s expertise and collaborative efforts in tackling regional maritime challenges, particularly those related to marine pollution threats.
  • Equipped with a Chetak Helicopter in Pollution Response configuration, the vessel highlights India’s commitment to enhancing pollution response capabilities in the region.
  • As part of an overseas exchange program, the ship has aboard 13 National Cadet Corps (NCC) cadets, who will participate in the “Puneet Sagar Abhiyan” thereby giving the Abhiyan an international reach. This program focuses on beach clean-ups and similar activities, fostering collaboration with partner nations.
  • During the four-day stay of the ship at Jakarta, it will engage with BAKAMLA ((Indonesia Maritime Security Agency)) in professional exchanges, cross-deck visits, table-top exercises, Pollution Response demonstrations, Joint Yoga sessions, joint exercises, as well as official and social engagements, including visits to capacity-building facilities.

3. Wildlife Week

Syllabus: GS-3, Environment & Ecology

Prelims: Wildlife Week

Celebration of the 69th Wildlife Week.

About Wildlife Week:

  • Wildlife Week is celebrated every year to coincide with the birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi and to follow his principles of Ahinsa and Compassion for all living beings. 
  • Many activities are being conducted at the National Zoological Park to raise awareness about wildlife conservation and related issues.

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