Useful Mnemonics for UPSC Exam

All those preparing for the UPSC Civil Services Examination would know that clearing the UPSC exam requires among other things, a good memory. You should be able to recall many facts, figures, and numbers. It is humanly impossible to mug up everything in the humongous UPSC syllabus. This article presents a few useful mnemonics for UPSC exam that we have compiled from various sources.

Read on for valuable mnemonics for IAS exam preparation:

HOMES – Great Lakes of North America.

H – Huron

O – Ontario

M – Michigan

E – Erie

S – Superior


BHAJSAB – Mughal rulers.

B – Babar

H – Humayun

A – Akbar

J – Jehangir

S – Shah Jahan

A – Aurangzeb

B – Bahadur Shah Zafar


1773  – Boston Tea Party

Remember 74 = Heavenly Tea

Now, imagine a story of how people drink tea from pretty cups and chuck the cups into the water. You can easily recall heavenly tea and then get the number 1773.


BAPU KA HATH – Kings of Ancient India who practised Buddhism

B – Bimbisara

A – Ashoka

P – Prasanjeet

U – Udaysen

KA – Kanishka

HATH – Harshavardhana


MBBS PAIN – SAARC countries

M – Maldives

B – Bangladesh

B – Bhutan

S – Sri Lanka

P – Pakistan

A – Afghanistan

I – India

N – Nepal


LIMCA TV – 6 members of Mekong – Ganga Cooperation

L – Laos

I – India

M – Myanmar

Ca – Cambodia

T – Thailand

V – Vietnam


TARIK – countries around Caspian Sea

T – Turkmenistan

A – Azerbaijan

R – Russia

I – Iran

K – Kazakhstan


CCC FRENS – core industries in India

C – coal

C – crude oil

C – cement

F – fertilizers

R – refinery products

E – electricity

N – natural gas

S – steel


SEED – Horn of Africa countries

S – Somalia

E – Ethiopia

E – Eritrea

D – Djibouti


RuDe Germany SELL Poland & Finland – countries around Baltic Sea

Ru – Russia

De – Denmark


S – Sweden

E – Estonia

L – Latvia

L – Lithuania




KFC – Three Principles of Jainism (Triratna)

K – right Knowledge

F – right Faith

C – right Conduct


Indian Rabbits Seem Chubby and Jovial – rivers in North West India

I – Indus

R – Ravi

S – Satluj

Ch – Chenab

J – Jhelum


JUMBAKT – States having Bicameral System

J – Jammu & Kashmir (Not any more. )

U – Uttar Pradesh

M – Maharashtra

B – Bihar

A – Andhra Pradesh

K – Karnataka

T – Telangana


ARUNA MAMI – States in India sharing boundary with Myanmar

ARU – Arunachal Pradesh

NA – Nagaland

MA – Manipur

MI – Mizoram


SAAB – States in India sharing boundary with Bhutan

S – Sikkim

A – Arunachal Pradesh

A – Assam

B – Bengal

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