CDS Salary 2023 - Training Stipend, Allowances & Perks After 7th Pay Commission

CDS Salary 2023 – Candidates on clearing the CDS exam undergo Cadet training during which the officers in Army, Navy or equivalent posts get fixed stipend which is the base salary in Level 10. The starting salary of CDS i.e. the training stipend is 56,100/ per month.

Combined Defense Service exam is a Defense entrance exam through which eligible candidates are inducted in various Defense training academies to serve the nation. Further information on the CDS exam is available on the link provided here.

Besides, candidates must be aware of the promotions, basic pay, in-hand salary, various perks and benefits, etc. they are entitled to on joining the CDS. Thus, the article collates relevant information on CDS salary and related aspects.

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CDS Salary

As mentioned earlier, the stipend given to the gentlemen or lady cadets during the training in the respective academies is Rs 56,100 per month. The training period is not treated as the commissioned service. Once the candidates are commissioned successfully, the CDS salary of officers will be in the pay matrix of level 10 and will be liable to get all the arrears remaining on the basis of their pay matrix with effect from their training period.

The table below highlights the CDS Salary based on different Ranks –

CDS Salary & Pay Scale
CDS Ranks CDS Pay Scale Pay Level
Lieutenant Rs 56,100/ to 1,77,500/ Per month Level 10
Captain Rs 61,300/ to 1,93,900/ Per month Level 10B
Major Rs 69,400/ to 2,07,200/ Per month Level 11
Lt Colonel Rs 1,21,200/ to 2,12,400/ Per month Level 12A
Colonel Rs 1,30,600/ to 2,15,900/ Per month Level 13
Brigadier Rs 1,39,600/ to 2,17,600/ Per month Level 13A
Major General Rs 1,44,200/ to 2,18,200/ Per month Level 14
Lieutenant General HAG Scale Rs 1,82,200/ to 2,24,100/ Per month Level 15
HAG+Scale Rs 2,05,400/ to 2,24,400/ Per month Level 16
VCOAS/Army CDR/ Lieutenant General (NFSG) Rs 2,25,000/ (fixed) Per month Level 17
COAS Rs 2,50,000/ (fixed) Per month Level 18

Note* The Military Service Pay (MSP) to the officers from the rank of Lieutenant to Brigadier is a fixed amount of Rs 15,500 per month.

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CDS Allowances & Perks To INA/IMA/OTA/AFA Officers

Officers in the Army, Navy, Air Force are given attractive CDS Salary. Apart from the salary, they are entitled to various allowances and perks as well. Dearness Allowance, Flying Allowance, Uniform Allowance, High Altitude allowance are a few allowances that officers get besides the CDS salary. All these allowances are mentioned in detail below –

  • Qualification Grant

Abolished as a separate allowance. Eligible employees to be governed by the newly proposed Higher Qualification Incentive (HQI). Order for HQI is yet to be issued by MoD.

  • Flying allowance: The Army Aviators (Pilots) serving in the Army Aviation Corps are entitled to flying allowance. The lieutenant and above rank in level 10 get Rs 25,000 per month (R1H1 of Risk and Hardship Matrix) fixed as flying allowance.
  • Dearness Allowance and Kit Allowance –

CDS Dearness Allowances

  • Field Area Allowance – Depending upon rank and area of posting, officers posted to Field Areas are entitled to Field Area Allces. Lieutenant and above ranks with level 10 and above are eligible for field area allce as mentioned below:
Field Area Allce to CDS Amount Payable
Highly Active Field Area Allowance Rs 16,900 pm
Field Area Allowance Rs 10,500 pm
Modified Field Area Allowance Rs 6,300 pm
  • Siachen Allowance & High Altitude allowances – Candidates posted to Siachen are entitled to Siachen Allowance of Rs 42,500/- per month. Similarly, officers recruited through CDS and posted to high altitude region are benefited with the following allowances –

CDS Allowances - High Altitude Area

  • Other Allowances-
CDS Allowances & Perks
Uniform allowance Rs. 20,000 pm
Free Ration Officer in Peace & Filed Areas get Free ration.
  • Travel Allowance – Travel Allce (TPTA) for pay level 9 and above is as follows
Transport Allowance (TPTA) Higher TPTA Cities: Rs 7200 + DA per month

Other Places: Rs 3600 +DA per month

Important points related to Travel allowance –

  1. Higher TPTA Cities (UA) are Patna, Lucknow, Kolkata, Delhi, Kanpur, Hyderabad, Ahmadabad, Surat, Kochi, Bengaluru, Kozhikode, Indore, Nagpur, Pune, Greater Mumbai, Jaipur, Coimbatore, Ghaziabad, Chennai.
  2. The TPTA allowance is admissible to those service personnel of NDA who have been provided with the facility of Government transport.
  3. Officers of NDA in Pay Level 14 and above, who are entitled to use an official car, have the option to avail official car facility or to draw the TPTA of Rs 15,750/ +Dearness Allowance thereon.
  4. The allowance is admissible for the calendar months wholly covered by leave.
  5. The physically disabled service personnel will continue to be paid at double rate, subject to a minimum of Rs 2,250/ + Dearness Allowances.
  • Children Education Allowance –
Children Education Allowance (CEA) Rs. 2250 pm per child for two eldest surviving only. CEA applicable from Nursery to 12th class
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Promotion – CDS Career Growth

The avenues for CDS promotion are different for all the armed forces. Below mentioned are the CDS promotion policies under the respective academies –

CDS Career growth in IMA and INA –

CDS Promotion – IMA & INA
Ranks Time Scale
Lieutenant After completing training
Captain 2 years of commissioned service
Major 6 years of commissioned service
Lieutenant Colonel 13 years of commissioned service
Colonel (TS) 26 years of commissioned service
Colonel 15 years of commissioned service
Brigadier 23 years of commissioned service
Major General 25 years of commissioned service
Lieutenant General 28 years of commissioned service
General No restrictions

Note* Selected candidates may be appointed as cadets on reporting at the Indian Naval Academy. The cadets shall be commissioned in the rank of Sub-Lieutenant after successful completion of approximately 18 months of training.

CDS Career Growth – Air Force Academy

CDS Promotion – AFA
CDS Rank – AFA Promotion by Time scale
Flying Officer On Commission
Flight Lieutenant 2 Years of commissioned service
Squadron Leader 6 years of commissioned service
Wing Commander 13 years of commissioned service
Group Captain 26 years of commissioned service

Grant of Group Captain (select) and higher ranks is only by selections. Promising officers have a fair chance of getting higher promotions to the air ranks of Air Commodore, Air Vice Marshal, Air Marshal and Air Chief marshal.

CDS Promotion Policy in OTA – Officers Training Academy

Candidates selected in OTA are enrolled as Gentleman/Lady Cadets and will undergo a course of training for a period of 49 weeks approximately. On successful completion of training Gentleman/Lady Cadets are granted Short Service Commission in the rank of Lieutenant (SSCOs). Candidates in OTA are eligible for CDS promotion in the following ranks-

  1. Captain – On completion of 2 years of reckonable commissioned service
  2. Major – On completion of 6 years of reckonable commissioned service
  3. Lieutenant Colonel – On completion of 13 years of reckonable commissioned service

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CDS Perks & Other Benefits

  1. Leave and Leave Travel Concession: officers in the Army, Navy and Air Force are entitled to Annual Leave of 60 days a year and Casual Leave of 20 days a year. Officers of CDS are authorized encashment of Annual Leave up to 10 days along with Leave Travel Concession to the extent of a total of 60 days in a career span to cover incidental expenses on travel.
  2. Other Privileges: The officers and their families are entitled to free medical aid, accommodation on concessional rent, group insurance scheme, group housing scheme, family assistance scheme, canteen facilities, etc.

Candidates willing to apply for the Combined defense services can go through CDS Eligibility in detail.

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