CBSE Class 7 Geography Chapter 6 Natural Vegetation and Wild Life Important Questions

There is a close relationship between the height of land and the character of vegetation. With the change in height, the climate changes and that changes natural vegetation. The growth of vegetation depends on temperature and moisture. It also depends on factors like slope and thickness of soil. Students can explore further about Natural Vegetation and Wild Life from Chapter 6 of CBSE Class 7 Geography. They can answer CBSE Class 7 Geography Chapter 6 Natural Vegetation and Wild Life Important Questions to understand the concepts thoroughly. These important questions are also the best resources for the students to prepare for the exam.

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Natural Vegetation and Wild Life

1. Natural vegetation is generally classified into three broad categories. What are they?

2. Write a note on the characteristic features and wildlife inhabiting tropical evergreen Forests.

3. Where in India do tropical evergreen and tropical deciduous forests occur? Name the states.

4. Which type of forest dominates most part of India?

5. Describe the tropical deciduous forests.

6. Write a short note on the Mediterranean Vegetation.

7. Grasslands are known by different names in different regions. What are they? Describe them.

8. Which are the two factors on which the growth of vegetation mostly depends?

9. Which are the three broad categories of natural vegetation?

10. Name the two hardwood trees commonly found in the tropical evergreen forest.

11. In which climatic conditions are citrus fruits cultivated?

12. Mention the uses of coniferous forest.

13. In which part of the world is seasonal grassland found?

14. Mosses and Lichens are found in Tundra Vegetation. True or False?

15. The animals in the polar region have thick fur and thick skin. Give reasons.

16. Tropical deciduous trees shed their leaves in the dry season. Why?

17. The type and thickness of vegetation changes from place to place. Explain.

18. Name the animals found in the tropical deciduous forests.

19. Name the regions that are called “Orchards of the World.” Why are they called so?

20. Explain why lumbering is done on a commercial scale in coniferous forest.

21. Which among the following is the location of temperate evergreen forests?
(a) South china
(b) South east USA
(c) South east Brazil
(d) All the above

22. What are Tropical evergreen forests called?
(a) tropical dry forests
(b) tropical rain forests
(c) tropical deciduous forests
(d) none of the above



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