Verbal Ability: Vocabulary for CAT – Root Words

Verbal Ability in CAT exam includes prominent question types as Sentence Correction, jumbled words, short sentence inference, reading comprehension etc. Vocabulary is indirectly or directly helping to the CAT 2020 aspirants. These questions will contain the words that the aspirant may or may not be familiar with. Hence we need to improve our vocabulary for CAT as well.

We have already posted the importance of overall CAT preparation in previous articles – here we are going to focus on verbal ability section of  CAT exam.

One of the primary ways to improve the vocabulary is to read. Reading newspapers is one choice of reading available to aspirants. Collect the best articles to read from reputed newspapers like “Mint”, “Economic Times”, and “The Hindu”.  The best authors and their editorials should be read and analysed. Each time you come up with a new word –   

  • Understand the context where it has been used
  • Understand the meaning of the word.

To understand vocabulary, we need to understand that each word history attached to it. English is considered as a global language because it is a culmination of all the popular languages like Spanish, Latin, Greek etc. Learning the root words will make it ridiculously easy for the aspirants to understand any new word he is coming across.
The basic structure of roots are either affixed or suffixed and then they become a new word. An understanding of the usual root words will help make a good guess about the meaning of newly known words and will turn strengthen our vocabulary.

Here a list of common root words to ease your vocab study –

Mal – The root word – “mal” is a latin word that means “bad” or “ evil”. The root word can be found in many English words – some of the words are:

Malignment – defame something badly
Malice – evil intention
Maltreat. – Treat someone/something badly
Malfunction – working badly
Dismal – A gloomy situation
Maleficent – Someone who deliberately try causing harm to someone

We can see all the above words are negative connotation attached to the word.

Fin – Fin is also a Latin word which means “to end” something – as in “limit” or “boundary”. We take a final exam at the end of the course. The one who are watching reality TV Shows, see the Finale episode which is the final episode of the show for that year. In a race, the Finish line is known as the end of it.  Let’s see what are the words that contain the word “fin” in them –

Infinity – No limit

Infinitesimal –  immeasurably small

Confinement – concluding state of pregnancy

Definite – Precise

We can see, the words mean to end or limit something.

Phil – Phil is a Greek work that means to Love. If you know someone named “Philip” – then that person is someone who will love horses! Jokes apart. Did you know that the city of Philadelphia actually means the city of brotherly love. A person who will love wisdom is known as a philosopher. A tree that curls up while growing is the plant that is called as “Philodendron”. Interestingly, they are also known as “love trees”.

Some more words to note:

Bibliophile – the one who loves books

Philologist – word lover who is a scholar of language

Philanthropist – is a person who loves mankind. he usually engaged themselves in charitable and good deeds for the human beings.

Fact : Fact is a word coming from Latin language. The fact is – Fact means something that is “made” or “done”. A fact is useful in a science laboratory or courtroom when the evidences or facts are presented to prove something. Hence factual statements are provided when something has already been made or done.  The meaning of fact is the something that has already been “done” or “made”.

Factory: is a place where something is “made”.
Manufactured: A place where something is made too. Manufactured originally mean something that is made in large scale.
Artifact – something that is made by human skills

Factor – is a “maker”. for example: a beautiful painting done by someone is a deciding factor who gained the rank of a master- painter.

Benefactor – Someone who does good for other people

Stupefaction –  something that made you completely surprised

Petrifaction – a super power that makes people turn into stones by just gazing at them

Malefactor – someone that does evil to human

Satisfaction – done enough

Dict: Latin word which also has a variant known as “dic” means to “say” Let us “say” about this useful word in English language. We can trace the origin of the word “dictionary” with this word. Dictionary is a book or an application that helps us find the meaning of a word, pronunciation of a word, or teaches us how to correctly “say” a certain word. If you are addicted to something – then you “declare” or “say”  it’s love for it.  The words with this

Prediction – say something beforehand.  

Dictated – say something to someone

Verdict – speaking or saying the truth

Indicate – make known about something by saying

Contradict – say something against

So we bring this discussion to an end. Or Finale. Did you find it interesting to learn about the root word and the vocabulary words associated it? You can use our application to learn the vocabulary in this interesting way as Byju’s CAT students get their Membean software’s User ID and Password when they buy the full course.

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