One Word Substitution Questions & Answers For Competitive Exams

Solve the exercise on One Word Substitution Questions & Answers to prepare well for the verbal ability section of the competitive exams.  

Candidates, in order to fetch good marks in the English Language section of various Government exams like SSC, RRB, Bank etc. must go through the given one-word substitution questions carefully. 

The one-word substitution questions collated below are taken from the question papers of different competitive exams and have high chances to be asked again in the government exam candidates are preparing for. 

Remember, the English language forms an important part of the syllabus of most of the competitive exams. Candidates can expect 2-3 marks questions on one-word substitution in the exam. Hence, it is imperative to practice one-word substitution exercise as much as possible and leave no stone unturned in the path of success.

Candidates preparing for Government Exam must check the following links-

Exercise – One Word Substitution Questions

Candidates will find 20 One Word Substitution Questions on this page for practice and revision. The answers to the given one-word substitution exercise are made available in a PDF Format. Candidates after solving the given questions can download the PDF to check the answers. 

Check the list of One Word Substitutions for a quick revision before moving ahead to solve the one-word substitution exercise.

One Word Substitution Questions And Answers PDF:-Download PDF Here

Directions For Question 1 to 20 – Below given are sentences with highlighted phrases. You are required to choose the best substitute for the given options.

Q.1. I don’t mind talking to him about the project but he is a person who thinks only of himself.

  1. Eccentric
  2. Boaster
  3. Egoist
  4. Proud

Q.2. She makes it certain that she will never fight with her best friend over a pity thing like this. 

  1. Assures
  2. Insures
  3. Ensures
  4. Seizures

Q.3. We visited the ancient palace yesterday, there we saw old manuscripts written by saints, we tried but it was not clear enough to be read.

  1.  Corrigible
  2. Legible
  3. Negligible
  4. Illegible

Q.4. This is his first press conference with the media, he is anxious because he speaks less.

  1. Sullen
  2. Terse
  3. Garrulous
  4. Reticent

Q.5. My brother is a theatre artist who performs and expresses stories or thoughts through gestures

  1. Pantomime
  2. Mimic
  3. Depictions
  4. Ham

Q.6. Every Wednesday at the Ganesha temple my father gives alms to poor people, he loves to help the needy and put others first.

  1. Altruist
  2. Swindler
  3. Misanthropic
  4. Antagonist

Q.7. They organized a house party for Sara’s birthday but she does not get excited easily even if you put in a lot of effort and emotion.  

  1. Gregarious
  2. Placid
  3. Inclement
  4. Frenzied

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Q.8. We have bought a new machine for our mother to help her in household chores, the machine can easily be carried anywhere

  1. Cartable
  2. Portable
  3. Potable
  4. Relatable

Q.9. My aunt cannot stay in the hospital for 5 minutes because she has a fear of confined places.

  1. Agoraphobia
  2. Enochlophobia
  3. Claustrophobia
  4. Stasiphobia

Q.10. Jackson is a highly skilled musician; he is an expert guitarist in his college band, he will go a long way in this profession.

  1. Amateur
  2. Virtuoso
  3. Dabbler
  4. Neophyte

Q.11. Earlier, in our country, there was a government and administration by the Kings and Queens

  1. Monarchy
  2. Democracy
  3. Polycracy
  4. Polyarchy

Q.12. His son is a ___ as he lost his life in protecting the lives of people of this country.

  1. Soldier
  2. Martyr
  3. Revolutionist
  4. Philanthropist

Q.13.   Sheren’s father is an author and has won an award for the book that talks about his own history.  

  1. Bibliography
  2. Biography
  3. Autobiography
  4. Ownography

Candidates can check out the following links for practice and revision:

Q.14. Our new Mr Gupta is an epitome of population explosion; he has four wives and 12 children from them. He is a ___. 

  1. Bigamy
  2. Polygamist
  3. Monogamy
  4. Classicogamy

Q.15. Sameera prefers to travel on foot for short distances. She is a __.

  1. Pedlar
  2. Pedestrian
  3. Jogger
  4. Stickler

Q.16. The doctors have put him for a blood purification process as his kidneys malfunctions. He is under ___. 

  1. Dialysis
  2. Ventilation
  3. Integration
  4. Catharsis

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Q.17. Everyone in the meeting praised Rama for his presentation, suddenly Rakesh from behind stood up to raise his opposition. Rakesh is ____.

  1. Protagonist
  2. Sidekick
  3. Antagonist
  4. Comrade

Q.18. The sudden damage and suffering caused due to the Vizag Gas leak still have its effect on the mind, body and soul of local people. 

  1. Antistrophe
  2. Apostrophe
  3. Catastrophe
  4. Anatomy

Q.19. Jacob’s cousin will surely disclose the secret of Jacob’s somnambulism in college as he loves to see Jacob being humiliated. Jacob’s cousin is ____.

  1. Shrewd
  2. Sadist
  3. Truant
  4. Masochist

Q.20. This annual function I am participating in the competition where I have to give a speech without any previous preparation. I am participating in ___.

  1. Elocution
  2. Dialect
  3. Dialogue
  4. Extempore

Candidates can download the One Word Substitution Questions PDF given below to check the answers.

20 One Word Substitution Questions And Answers PDF:-Download PDF Here

The One Word Substitution questions and answers are asked in the form of Fill in the blanks in competitive exams. Candidates by solving the above given one-word substitution exercise will get familiar with the scope and variety of questions asked in the exams. It will also enable them to solve questions easily. 

English or Verbal ability is an easy scoring section that is less tricky and time-consuming than other sections. Just a rigorous practice can help candidates master the section. Given below are a few important English topics for reference:

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Aspirants willing to prepare for different government exams must keep abreast with the latest syllabus and exam pattern of respective examinations. Hence,  given below are links of the syllabus of few important government examinations.

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For further queries related to books, study materials, or preparation details visit BYJU’S.

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