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The article aims to provide Exercise on Tenses Questions and Answers for candidates preparing for various competitive exams. 2-3 marks worth of questions are commonly expected to be asked in the English Language section of major competitive exams based on this topic. 

Aspirants of various Government exams must carefully go through the understanding of the concept and attempt sample questions based on the same as verbal ability or English forms an important part of the syllabus of most of these examinations. 

The Questions and Answers given in the article are picked up from the previous year’s question papers of different competitive examinations. Candidates should thoroughly go through these questions as there are high chances that questions based on similar lines may be asked again.

Candidates preparing for Government Exam must check the following links-

Exercise – Tenses Questions & Answers

The exercise given below contains a set of 20 sample questions for practice. The questions and answers are available in PDF format, candidates can check the answers for the same by downloading the PDF and keep it for reference in future. 

Before attempting these questions, candidates must check the Rules of Tenses on the given page that provides important rules and explanation with examples.   

Candidates can also go through the video explanation of the rules to gain clarity on the basic concept. Watching the full video will help them crease out their doubts related to the topic and will enable them to work on the topic in the examination without committing any mistakes.

Practise Exercise-

Directions For Question 1 to 20 – Given below are the statements with blanks. You are required to fill in the blanks with appropriate words given in the option so that the sentence appears to be in the correct form of Tense.

Q.1. How many cups of tea_____ yesterday?

  1. Did you drink
  2. Do you drink
  3. You have drank
  4. You were drinking

Q.2. She shall _____ your ice-cream parlour soon because she ____ ice-cream.

  1. Be visiting, like
  2. Visit, likes
  3. Have been visiting, is liking
  4. Visiting, like

Q.3. Shakespeare ____ dramas that are appealing to the people of all ages. 

  1. Wrote
  2. Had written
  3. Had been writing
  4. Has written

Q.4. The barber ___ his finger while he ____ off my hair.

  1. Had cut, was chopping 
  2. Cut, chop
  3. Cut, was chopping
  4. Cuts, had been chopping

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Q.5. Prasoon ___ for Bangalore early and he must ___ by this time.

  1. Leave, have been reaching
  2. Left, have reached
  3. Had left, be reaching
  4. Left, have been reached

Q.6. No, Rama is not at home, He ___ just ____ for shopping

  1. had, gone
  2. has, gone
  3. was , going
  4. will have, be going

Q.7. It is clearly ____ ‘passengers ____ to smoke in the train’, still, they ___ ignorant.

  1. Written, are not allowed, are being
  2. Written, was not allowed, be
  3. Wrote, do not allow, are been
  4. Written, are not allowing, are been

Q.8. They ____ a football match in the evening. What ___ you do?

  1. Were playing, do
  2. Played, did
  3. Have played, —
  4. Are playing, will

Q.9. Sheren ____ what you meant. Please explain it to her again.

  1. Don’t understand
  2. Didn’t understand
  3. Doesn’t understand
  4. Hadn’t understand

Candidates can check out the following links for practice and revision:

Q.10. By the end of this September, she ____in this organisation for thirteen years. 

  1. Will work
  2. Had been working
  3. Will have been working
  4. Will be working

Q.11. Nancy and Princy ____ to our house to play the treasure hunt with us.

  1. Will have been coming 
  2. Had been to come
  3. Are coming
  4. Come

Q.12. The flight ____ before we reach the airport.

  1. Will have taken off
  2. Has taken off
  3. Is taking off
  4. Was taking off

Q.13. I have just ____ a typewriter and I ____ typing recently. 

  1. Have been hiring, have been learning
  2. Hired, have learned
  3. Had hired, am learning
  4. Have been hired, had been learning

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Q.14. Mother ___ me to watch time and return soon, I replied, Please don’t worry, if  ____ late tonight.

  1. Is asking, I will be
  2. Asked, I am
  3. Had been asking, be
  4. Had asked, I will be

Q.15. If she ___ late just one more time the manager ____ suspend her.

  1. Is arriving, is going to
  2. Will be arriving, would
  3. Arrives, will
  4. Is going to arrive, would have 

Q.16. They  ___ out for an evening walk after they ____ dinner.

  1. Went, had taken
  2. go , had taken
  3. Have gone, took
  4. Are going, took

Q.17. The warden ___ into the room to see what the students ____.

  1. Go, had been doing
  2. Went, was doing
  3. Gone, had been doing
  4. Went, were doing

Q.18. When our train ____  at the station, we found the bridegroom’s family ____ for us.

  1. Was reaching, waited
  2. Reached, had been waiting
  3. Have been reaching, waited
  4. Reached, waiting

Candidates willing to appear for various government exams should check the following links:

Q.19. Rohan, I ___ seen you for a long time, How ___?

  1. Had not, are you
  2. Have not, have you been
  3. Did not, had you been
  4. Have not, are you been

Q.20. She ____ movies. ____ any recent Hollywood movies?

  1. Loves watching, have you watched
  2. Love to watching, did you watched
  3. Is loving, have you been watching
  4. Loves watching, had you seen

Given below are the answers to the questions given above. Candidates can download the PDF and find the accuracy in their answers and match it up with the PDF.

Exercise on Tenses Questions:-Download PDF Here

The above questions have been asked in the form of fill in the blanks. Questions on this topic may also be framed in the form of error spotting or sentence rearrangement. Candidates can go through important tips to solve Error Spotting on the linked page. 

Furthermore, aspirants looking forward to appearing for the upcoming competitive exams can also refer to the video given below for a better understanding of the concept and its related rules:

For a better understanding of the formation of words in English and to know the English words that are asked in most of the competitive exams, visit the links provided below:

  1. English Root Words
  2. Most asked English Vocabulary Words

Practising the questions on Tenses helps candidates understand the variety and scope of questions asked in the exams and they will be able to tackle these questions with relative ease. 

English or Verbal ability is an easy scoring section that is less tricky and time-consuming than other sections. Just a rigorous practice can help candidates master the section. Given below are a few important English topics for reference:

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For more such topics, visit the General English for competitive exams page. 

Candidates preparing for different competitive exams must also check the following links to get the detailed explanation of conceptual topics along with important questions

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Aspirants willing to prepare for different government exams must keep abreast with the latest syllabus and exam pattern of respective examinations. Hence,  given below are links of the syllabus of few important government examinations.

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For further queries related to books, study materials, or preparation details visit BYJU’S. 

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