Can China stop flow of Brahmaputra River?

Experts believe China would not be able to stop the flow due to the following reasons.

  1. As per AQUISAT Survey 2011, carried out by UN body, Food and Agricultural Organisation (FAO),  the annual flow of the Brahmaputra basin from China to India is much lower when compared with India to Bangladesh.
  2. From China to India the flow is 165 Cubic Kilometre, whereas from India to Bangladesh it is 537 Cubic Kilometres.
  3. Flow from Bhutan to India is 78 Cubic Kilometre.

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What is the Brahmaputra called in China?

  1. In Tibet, it is called as Tsangpo (Purifier).
  2. Chinese name is Yarlung Zangbo.

Why the Brahmaputra is known as the Red River?

The soil in the river bed is rich in iron content. Hence the river becomes reddish in colour, earning it the name red river.

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Why is China building dams along the Brahmaputra River?

China has targetted to generate 120,000 MW of renewable energy by 2020. They plan to meet the renewable energy targets predominantly through Hydroelectric Power, hence the need to build dams.

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