Difference Between NREGA And PM-KISAN

India encounters a larger rural population, and uplifting village people is essential to developing the rural economy. Therefore, different leaders have introduced several schemes during their course of leadership.

Both NREGA and PM-KISAN are such schemes that enhance the living of rural people with a few dissimilarities. This article comprises the differences between NREGA and PM-KISAN.

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What are the Differences between NREGA and PM-KISAN?

The table below contains a brief comparison between MGNREGA and PM-KISAN yojana:


Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act

Pradhan Mantri Kisan Samman Nidhi

Launch Date

2nd February 2006

24th February 2019


It is a centrally funded employment generation act that guarantees people’s “Right to Work” and empowers democracy.

It is a Central Sector Scheme with Government’s funding to enhance people’s living.


MGNREGA provides a minimum of 100 days of employment with a guaranteed wage in a financial year.

PM-KISAN provides ₹ 6,000 to every family each year through e equal installments every 4 months.


Adult unskilled labours from each family.

Farmer family having maximum 2 hectares cultivable land.


MGNREGA aims to amplify livelihood security by providing employment.

PM-KISAN aims to produce income support by a targeted money transfer.


The minimum wage rate is shallow in several states, even lower than those states’ minimum agricultural wage rate.

Landless people are not qualified for PM-KISAN but can earn through MGNREGA. In addition, the chances of the needy being deprived are high in this scheme.

These were all essential details to show the differences between NREGA and PM-KISAN. Both these schemes have their own goals to benefit people’s livelihood and well-being and provide income security. However, MGNREGA stood out for being an all-inclusive program. On the other hand, PM-KISAN has been a successful scheme for targeted asset transfer.

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Frequently Asked Questions on MGNREGA and PM-KISAN

Which type of landholders is not eligible for the PM-KISAN scheme?

All the Institutional Landholders are excluded from the PM-KISAN scheme’s eligible categories.

How many states have a lower NREGA wage rate than the minimum agricultural wage rate?

Ans. 17 states have a lower NREGA wage rate than those states’ minimum agricultural wage rate.

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