Ekuverin Exercise

Ekuverin exercise is a joint military exercise held between the two neighbouring nations- India and Maldives. It has been in place since 2009. The year 2021 marked the 11th Edition of Ekuverin. The military event was held at Kadhdhoo Island in the Maldives. A 14-day joint exercise, and held alternatively in both nations, the 12th Edition will be organised in India. 

Ekuverin is one of the latest bilateral events that are important for candidates preparing for UPSC Prelims.

India has been a part of many other joint military exercises as a part of its bilateral relations with various countries. Candidates can get the List of Joint Military Exercises of the Indian Army at the linked article.  

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Candidates must start focussing on their UPSC 2022 preparation now. To complement their preparation, they can refer to the following links:

Meaning of ‘Ekuverin’

The word ‘ekuverin’ is derived from the Dhivehi language, an Indo-Aryan language mainly spoken in three countries- India, Lakshadweep and Maldives. It means ‘friends.’ The meaning itself speaks of the reason behind anointing the drill- ekuverin military exercise. 

The Need for the Ekuverin Military Exercise

As per India’s security policy, particularly related to the Indian Ocean, the nation must provide security and political stability to its neighbouring countries, Maldives, Mauritius, Seychelles and Sri Lanka. It is also a strategy to counter China’s aggressive expansion in the mentioned countries, including India.

India is a powerful nation and has always been known for its goodwill and diplomatic policies. It is always the first nation to respond in any Human Availability Disaster Recovery Operations. Hence, it believes military drills such as ekuverin would help the soldiers be ready for combat or relief, whenever required. 

India-Maldives Relations date back to the 1960s and have been nurtured and strengthened by regular contacts at the highest levels. Candidates can read in detail about the bilateral relations between them at the linked article. 

The Benefits of Conducting Ekuverin

Students preparing for the upcoming UPSC Exam should be well acquainted with the meaning of ekuverin and its benefits, since questions related to this drill are quite common in the PSC level exams and the IAS exam. Following are a few of the primary benefits of ekuverin:

  • Ekuverin Military Exercise is a joint military drill of two nations, which helps the two forces observe, analyse and learn each other’s defence system and procedures.
  • It helps both nations to become familiar with each other’s armed forces, weapons and artillery. In times of war or humanitarian need, such as providing relief during any disaster/ natural calamity, the forces need the essentials mentioned above.
  • It is a natural method of building a strong relationship among two countries, breaking down the language barrier, and laying the foundation of a long-term alliance.  

It is advisable to include these points in your UPSC notes for better preparation. 

UPSC 2022

Key Facts of Ekuverin 2021

Following are a few important facts that you must know for your UPSC 2022 exams: 

  • In 2021, the 11th Edition of Ekuverin was organised at Kadhdhoo Island, Maldives.
  • This year the drill aimed to strengthen the interoperability of both the nation’s defence forces.
  • Counter-insurgency and counter-terrorism operations were the other two important drills.
  • The ekuverin also included some sports and cultural activities to enhance both countries’ bilateral and defence relations. 

As a student preparing for the IAS exam or any other Public Service exam, you should also learn more about India and Maldives’ bilateral relations to understand the significance of the Ekuverin exercise from a broader perspective. 

Additional information on India and Maldives’ bilateral relations

India and Maldives are neighbours that share a maritime border. The Maldives lie to the South of the Lakshadweep Islands in the Indian Ocean. In 1966, when the Maldives became free from British rule, both the countries, India and Maldives extended warm and friendly gestures to each other, forming a bilateral and diplomatic alliance. Since then, both the nations have enjoyed friendly and close strategic, economic, cultural and military cooperation relations. The alliance between both nations is referred to as bilateral relations.

Ekuverin Exercise[UPSC Notes]:-Download PDF Here

For further reading, refer to BYJU’s other study materials on international relations. 

Frequently Asked Questions on Ekuverin Exercise

Q 1. Where was Ekuverin organised in the year 2018 and 2019?

Ans. In 2018, the exercise was held in the Maldives, and in 2019, India organised the drill in Pune, Maharashtra.

Q 2. What is the meaning of the word Ekuverin?

Ans. The word Ekuverin means ‘friends’ in the Dhivehi language. The significance of Ekuverin can be attributed to the bilateral relationship that exists between India and the Maldives. The former is responsible for providing security and political stability to the latter, as a part of its security policy.

Q 3. Which edition of Ekuverin was held in 2021 and where?

Ans. The 11th Edition of Ekuverin was held in the Maldives in December 2021. This is surely one of the current affairs quiz questions that you may expect in your upcoming competitive exams.

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