List of Indian Army Exercises - Bilateral Army Exercises of India & Other Nations

The joint military exercises are held between the armed forces of two countries. India participates in bilateral army exercises with other countries on different levels. This article will provide you a list of Indian army exercises with other nations, for the IAS Exam.

List of Bilateral Army Exercises of India

The following table provides you with a list of important Indian bilateral army exercises.

Exercise Name Participant Nations
Sampriti India & Bangladesh
Mitra Shakti India & Sri Lanka
Maitree Exercise India & Thailand
Vajra Prahar India & US

Note: Special Forces of Army participate

Yudh Abhyas India & US
Nomadic Elephant India & Mongolia
Garuda Shakti India & Indonesia
Shakti Exercise India & France
Dharma Guardian India & Japan
Surya Kiran India & Nepal
Hand in Hand Exercise India & China

Indian Army – Interesting Facts for UPSC

The table below gives a few important and interesting facts about the Indian Army:

Indian Army
Indian Army is the world’s largest ground force, overtaking China
There are approximately 1.4 million personnel in the Indian Army
The largest standing volunteer army in the world is Indian Army with 1,129,900 Active personnel and 960,000 Reserves
There are recruiting zones in the country for the purpose of recruitment in the Indian Army
The headquarters of Indian Army is in New Delhi

  • The first headquarters of Indian Army – Red Fort, Delhi
  • Today – Portions of South Block along with a gigantic, architecturally modern Sena Bhavan adjacent.
In India, command headquarters is known as Field Army with a General Officer Commanding-in-Chief presiding over matters in the rank of a (three-star) Lieutenant General.
The head of the Indian Army staff is called the Chief of Army Staff (COAS.)

  • The current Army Chief is General Manoj Mukund Naravane
  • Earlier, General Bipin Rawat was the Indian Army Chief
Indian Army also has Vice Chief and two Deputy Chiefs of Army Staff
In the Indian Army, corps are the field force. They are of two types – Holding Corps and Strike Corps

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