Surya Kiran Joint Military Exercise - Surya Kiran XVII [UPSC Notes]

Surya Kiran is a bilateral Joint Military Exercise between India and Nepal. Indian Army and Nepal Army participate in the Surya Kiran exercise. The 17th edition of Indo–Nepal Joint Military Training Exercise Surya Kiran commenced on November 24, 2023, at Pithoragarh in Uttarakhand.

This article will provide important facts about the Surya Kiran exercise for UPSC. Questions from the topic ‘Joint Military Exercise’ are frequently asked in the prelims stage of the IAS Exam

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Facts about Surya Kiran Exercise for UPSC

The table below mentions important facts about Surya Kiran Exercise for UPSC preparation:

Surya Kiran Joint Military Bilateral Exercise – India and Nepal
Which two countries will participate in the joint military exercise named Surya Kiran? India and Nepal participate in the Surya Kiran exercise with their troops of armies.
When was the last Surya Kiran exercise? The latest Surya Kiran exercise is Surya Kiran-XVII which commenced on November 24, 2023
Where did Surya Kiran-XVI take place? Surya Kiran-XVI took place at Saljhandi in Nepal.
What was Surya Kiran XV all about?
  • Surya Kiran XV was a 14-day long joint training based on counter-insurgency operations in the jungle and mountainous terrain.
  • The forces shared their experiences drawn from several counter-insurgency operations during the exercise.
  • Both armies familiarised themselves with each other’s weapons, equipment, tactics, techniques and operating procedures in a counter-insurgency environment.
  • It took place in Pithoragarh in 2021.
What takes place in the Surya Kiran Exercise? The Latest Surya Kiran XVII exercise includes the following:

  • Drones and counter-drone measures
  • Medical training
  • Aviation aspects
  • Environment conservation
Is Surya Kiran an annual exercise? Surya Kiran takes place annually/bi-annually. It started in 2011.

It occurs alternatively between India and Nepal

List of Surya Kiran Exercises between India and Nepal

The year-wise list of Indo-Nepal Battalion-level Joint Military Exercise SURYA KIRAN is given below:

List of Surya Kiran Exercises (2011-2023)
Surya Kiran Ex. Year Location
Surya Kiran I 2011 Vairengte (Mizoram) India
Surya Kiran II 2011 Amlekhganj, Nepal
Surya Kiran III 2012 Himalayan region of India-Nepal border
Surya Kiran IV 2012 Himalayan region of India-Nepal border
Surya Kiran V 2013 Pithoragarh (Uttarakhand), India
Surya Kiran VI 2014 Saljhandi, Nepal
Surya Kiran VII 2014 Pithoragarh (Uttarakhand), India
Surya Kiran VIII 2015 Saljhandi, Nepal
Surya Kiran IX 2016 Pithoragarh (Uttarakhand), India
Surya Kiran X 2016 Saljhandi, Nepal
Surya Kiran XI 2017 Pithoragarh (Uttarakhand), India
Surya Kiran XII 2017 Saljhandi, Nepal
Surya Kiran XIII 2018 Pithoragarh (Uttarakhand), India
Surya Kiran XIV 2019 Saljhandi, Nepal
Surya Kiran XV 2021 Pithoragarh (Uttarakhand), India
Surya Kiran XVI 2022 Saljhandi, Nepal
Surya Kiran XVII 2023 Pithoragarh (Uttarakhand), India

Defence Cooperation between India and Nepal

The following points are important to note down in relation to India and Nepal defence cooperation:

  1. The aspects of India and Nepal’s defence cooperation are:
    • Assistance during disasters
    • Joint military exercises
    • Adventure activities and
    • Bilateral visits
  2. Indian Army training institutions host various training courses which a number of defence personnel from the Nepal Army attend.
  3. Since 1950, India and Nepal have been awarding each other’s Army Chief with the honorary rank of General in recognition of the mutually harmonious relationship between the two armies.
  4. The Gorkha regiments of the Indian Army are raised partly by recruitment from hill districts of Nepal.
  5. 32,000 Gorkha Soldiers from Nepal are serving in the Indian Army.
  6. There is one Military Pension Branch in Kathmandu, 2 pension paying offices and 22 District Soldier Boards in Nepal that function under the Defence Wing of the Indian Embassy in Kathmandu. Their functions are:
    • Disbursement of pensions
    • Organisation of welfare programmes for re-training, rehabilitating and assisting ex-Gurkha soldiers and their families.

Aspirants should make a note of the given points for UPSC 2024 preparation.

Surya Kiran Joint Military Exercise (Surya Kiran-XVII):-Download PDF Here

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