Mitra Shakti Exercise 2023 [Mitra Shakti IX - Latest Edition]

Mitra Shakti exercise is a bilateral joint military exercise between the militaries of India and Sri Lanka. It is also called the India-Sri Lanka Joint Training exercise. The latest edition of the Mitra Shakti exercise is called Mitra Shakti-IX and took place in November 2023 (16th Nov – 29th Nov) in Aundh, Pune. It is one of India’s important joint military exercises with other nations. Questions are usually asked in the preliminary stage of the IAS Exam on military exercises. This article will provide you with important details about the Mitra Shakti exercise for UPSC preparation.

Mitra Shakti Exercise 2023
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10 Important Facts about Mitra Shakti for UPSC

The table below mentions major facts about exercise Mitra Shakti for UPSC preparation:

Mitra Shakti – Important Points for UPSC
It is a joint military exercise between the armies of India and Sri Lanka.
It is an annual exercise as part of Indian diplomacy and interaction with Sri Lanka.
Latest edition is the 9th edition and took place in 2023. Mitra Shakti-VIII took place in 2021.
Seventh Edition of the exercise Mitra Shakti was held in Pune.
The aims of this bilateral exercise:

  • To promote defence cooperation
  • To build positive relations between Indian and Sri Lankan armies
The exercise Mitra Shakti encompasses sub-unit level training for counter-insurgency and counter-terrorism operations
The counter-insurgency and counter-terrorism operations training is set in urban and rural scenarios under United Nations (UN) mandate
The design of the Mitra Shakti exercise is such that it incorporates UN peacekeeping operations’ dynamics
The Mitra Shakti exercise includes:

  • Practical and Comprehensive Discussions
  • Tactical exercises
The mission of the Mitra Shakti is to enhance the interoperability and operational ability of both the armies’ troops
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List of Mitra Shakti Exercises (Year-Wise)

The table below mentions the year and locations of important editions of Mitra Shakti exercises:

Edition of Mitra Shakti Location of Mitra Shakti Exercise
2014 (Mitra Shakti-II) Colombo, Sri Lanka
2015 (Mitra Shakti-III) Pune, India
2016 (Mitra Shakti-IV) Ambepussa, Sri Lanka
2017 (Mitra Shakti-V) Pune, India
2018 (Mitra Shakti-VI) Sri Lanka
2019 (Mitra Shakti-VII) Pune, India
2021 (Mitra Shakti-VIII) Sri Lanka
2023 (Mitra Shakti-IX) Pune, India

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